How Safe Is Self Storage? The Truth Revealed!

Storage units are considered to be the most secure options for storing valuable items. Typically, these units are located in well-guarded, indoor facilities that feature controlled entry, CCTV surveillance, and intruder alarm systems — how’s that for providing peace of mind? But as someone storing valuable items, it’s only natural to question how safe self storage actually is in reality.

In this detailed guide, our storage experts at Wigwam reveal how safe self storage is, looking at the major risks facilities face as well as simple steps you can take to further protect your valuables.

Safety Risks Self Storage Facilities Face 

Self storage facilities, like any property, are not immune to risks. However, they are generally designed with various safety and security measures to protect your valuables from these risks. Here’s a look at some common threats and how storage facilities protect against them:

1. Fire Hazards

Fire is a massive threat to storage facilities. Secure storage facilities have strict rules in place to ensure no flammable items are stored on the premises, but that doesn’t mean a fire is impossible. Arson, smoking, and faulty electrical components can all cause a fire outbreak. 

Secure storage facilities like Wigwam are equipped to handle this risk with fire-resistant construction materials and smoke detectors throughout the premises. This proactive approach makes self storage units a much safer option compared to garages, sheds, and attics.

2. Theft 

Just like your home or business, storage facilities attract unwanted attention from thieves. For this reason, it’s a priority to have self storage security measures like burglar alarms, 24-hour CCTV, and controlled access. For tradesmen who often store tools in their vans or garages, or even families holding onto valuable heirlooms, high-level security against theft can be a lifesaver. 

3. Extreme Weather 

Another risk factor to remember when storing your valuables is weather. If you’re storing items in your outdoor shed or garage, you’ll battle with extreme weather conditions such as storms and intense heat or cold. Of course, secure self storage facilities are prepared for all these scenarios.

Most modern facilities design units in locations less prone to flooding, reinforce structures to withstand high winds and ensure proper insulation and ventilation to protect against temperature extremes. This means your belongings are safe and protected throughout the wet winters and the summer heat.

4. Pests

Pests are a reality when storing anything, be it in the kitchen cupboard or garage. Pests like rodents and insects can cause damage to stored items, but secure storage facilities have a few clever ways to keep these out. At Wigwam, for example, we seal off potential entry points, maintain a high level of cleanliness, and carry out regular inspections and preventative pest control measures. 

How To Keep Your Belongings Safe in Self Storage

When it comes to self storage, taking proactive steps can make all the difference in ensuring your belongings remain safe and in excellent condition. Here are seven simple steps you can take to secure and protect your items while they’re in a storage:

  1. Choose a Secure Facility

Start by finding a storage facility that prioritises security. Look for features like adequate lighting, alarm systems, and CCTV surveillance. Check if the facility is manned during the day or has 24/7 security personnel. All these measures are a strong deterrent against security breaches and unauthorised access, so be sure to only choose the best.

  1. Use Proper Packaging

Quality packing materials will protect your items from dust, moisture, and damage. Before you move into your unit, stock up on sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and sealing tape. For delicate items, consider using specialised packaging like wardrobe boxes for clothing and picture boxes for framed art. 

  1. Label Everything Clearly

Label all your boxes and items clearly and accurately. This simple yet often overlooked step will make it easier and faster to track things down in your unit when you need them, especially in an emergency. It’s also essential that you use strong, black box markers, label fragile items properly, and mark multiple sides of the boxes.

  1. Keep an Inventory

It might seem unnecessary, but keeping a detailed inventory can help you stay organised and aware of exactly what you’re storing. For this step, remember to include descriptions and photographs of the items, especially if you’re storing valuable items, documents, or family heirlooms. This record can also be invaluable in case of loss or damage, especially for insurance purposes.

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  1. Ensure Your Items Are Covered

Speaking of protection, covering your items against unexpected events like theft, fire, or water damage is always a good idea. Customers storing with Wigwam have the option to opt in to our comprehensive contents protection policy, StoreProtect. This policy ensures that from the moment you store your belongings, they are protected.

  1. Keep Items Elevated

Avoid placing your items directly on the floor. Use pallets or shelving units to elevate them. This can protect your belongings from potential water damage in case of flooding or leaks. Elevating items also improves air circulation around your belongings, keeping away condensation and, as a result, mould.

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  1. Do Not Store Prohibited Items

This one seems like common sense, but there might be a few items on the prohibited list you aren’t aware of. Items such as flammable liquids, perishable food items, and illegal goods are generally prohibited. Follow the facility’s rules, and if you’re not sure what you can and can’t store, simply ask.

Rent Secure Self Storage Near You at Wigwam

When it comes to keeping your belongings safe, renting a self storage unit can make the world of a difference. 

If you’re searching for top-notch security for your stored items, Wigwam is the way to go. Our modern facilities in Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire have all the bells and whistles: 24/7 CCTV, individually alarmed units, and controlled access to make sure your valuables are as safe as can be. 

Plus, we offer contents protection to cover all bases. Contact your nearest Wigwam to find out more or grab a quick quote online. Your items are worth it, and with Wigwam, you’re in good hands!

Top Reasons To Use Student Self Storage

Let’s be honest; being a student is like riding a rollercoaster of thrilling freedom and tricky challenges. Picture this: you’re diving headfirst into exciting adventures, exploring new horizons, and embracing the independence that comes with student life while forging fantastic friendships along the way. But, amid all the excitement, there’s a twist — the stress of tackling real-life tasks, like packing, moving, and settling back into your student halls during holidays.

Luckily, student storage exists to solve all those pesky problems you’ll face as you start your student journey. 

Top Eight Reasons Students Need Storage

  1. A Safe and Secure Home for Your Belongings
A student in a cramped university room/empty dorm room

As a student, we understand that you already have enough to worry about, like graduating so that you can move out of your cramped student hall. 

Stressing about the safety of your valuables should be the least of your worries. That’s where student storage comes to the rescue — storage units provide secure and affordable options to safely store your belongings while you finish your studies.

At Wigwam our units have 24-hour CCTV monitoring, so you will know your things are always secure. Designed with your convenience in mind, Wigwam storage helps reduce stress so you can focus on succeeding today and the future ahead.

  1. Seasonal Transitions

Students often need to move around during the holidays or semester breaks. Whether you’re going home for that much-needed family time or starting new adventures with friends, having a trustworthy storage solution is a convenient and affordable option. This means you don’t have to lug all your things back home over long breaks or pay an extra month of rent to house your things while you’re off-campus. 

Whether you need to make space by storing off-season clothes, items over the summer holiday, or archiving important documents, Wigwam student storage solutions offer the perfect seasonal storage space. And we offer 24-hour access, so you can always retrieve your belongings when needed. 

  1. Space Constraints in Student Accommodations

Student accommodations are not known for their spaciousness. As coursework progresses and personal belongings accumulate (because university is the best place to explore with your personal style), self storage units are like magic — they help you make extra space and keep your living area neat and tidy.

Not enough room in your dorm room or apartment? Need to simplify your space? Use our beginner’s guide to help you. 

  1. Flexible Living Arrangements
Two roommates

As a student, you may opt for flexible living arrangements, such as subletting or moving in with friends during certain periods. In these situations, storage becomes an easy way to store excess belongings until a more permanent living situation is established.

Things you may need to store: 

  • Extra furniture 
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Cutlery
  • Bedding/Linen
  • Bikes, skateboards/sports equipment
  • Small appliances
  1. A Solution for Students Studying Abroad 

For students studying abroad, Self Storage provides space to store all their possessions safely while they’re overseas so they don’t have to keep renting their apartment for months on end just to store furniture and they don’t have to trouble loved ones by borrowing garages, etc. 

Storage units allow students to store their valuables while they’re in another country pursuing their studies.

  1. Transitioning Between Student Housing

The dynamic nature of student life often involves transitioning between different accommodations. Having a self storage solution streamlines these transitions, offering a secure space for items during the shift from one place to the next. 

Some companies even offer moving services at an affordable rate, and if they don’t have in-house movers, they tend to have relationships with reliable local moving companies. 

  1. Preserving Valuables During Shared Living

In study halls, it’s common to have limited space and shared storage areas. To safeguard valuables and maintain privacy, having a personal storage unit offers a secure space for your valuables. Some students may have valuable collectables that need a safe storage space. Accidents are commonplace and your things could easily be a casualty. 

With self storage you will always know where your items are and can access them any time you need them. 

  1. Bike and Vehicle Storage

Struggling to find a good parking spot at university? Renting a self storage unit for your car or bike is a smart and sound solution, since many facilities are located near major universities. Not only does this solve your space issue, but it also protects your car or vehicle from damage and theft. 

Plus, it’s super convenient with flexible contracts. Students can choose how long they want to rent the space, giving them the freedom to have parking whenever they need it. This way, students can avoid the stress of searching for parking every day and actually get to class on time for once.

How Wigwam Offers the Ideal Student Storage Solution

A Wigwam facility storefront

If you’re a student dealing with all the ups and downs of university life, opting for a self storage unit at Wigwam is like hitting the jackpot. Not only do we keep your stuff safe and sound, but our flexible contracts also fit right into your student budget.

Whether you’re bouncing between places during breaks, dealing with a tiny and cramped room, or just wanting to keep things neat, we’ve got your back here at Wigwam with super convenient self storage units.  So ditch the storage stress and focus on acing your studies and enjoying student life.

Take charge of your future today by reclaiming your space. Visit your nearest Wigwam self storage now for a quick quote.

Everything To Know Before Your Visit To Shipston-on-Stour

Tucked away in the Cotswolds lies the charming market town of Shipston-on-Stour, repeatedly recognised as one of the best places to live in the UK. With its strong sense of community, top-ranked schools, and abundance of festivals and events, Shipston-on-Stour combines old-world charm with modern amenities.

A Slice of Traditional English Life

As you wander the streets of this former wool town, you’ll find no shortage of staples like butcher shops, fishmongers, pubs, and a cottage hospital. Shipston-on-Stour has successfully rebranded itself into a sought-after residential and commercial hub, thanks to thriving local businesses and schools that appeal to young families.

Must-See Sights in Shipston-on-Stour

With its historic charm, cultural attractions such as galleries and studios, and opportunities for shopping and dining, Shipston-on-Stour is an enjoyable Cotswold getaway. Whether you’re visiting or thinking of relocating, this town has something for everyone. 

Looking for places to explore in Shipston-on-Stour? Check out these spots for a fun-filled weekend or day!

Shipston High Street

The High Street

The heart of Shipston-on-Stour is its High Street, where you can admire the blend of historic buildings that reflect the town’s heritage. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll to soak up the local atmosphere.

St Edmund’s Church

St Edmund’s Church is a magnificent historic church that has stood at the centre of town since it was built in the Mediaeval period. By exploring this iconic church, one can truly connect with the enduring role it has played as a foundation for the community.

Local Independent Shops

One of Shipston’s greatest charms is the collection of independent shops lining its streets. These local businesses showcase everything from artisanal foods to antiques and art crafted by regional artists. 

Wandering from shop to shop introduces visitors to talented local entrepreneurs and small-scale commerce that has helped shape the culture and economy of the town for ages.

Beyond sourcing locally made goods, the shop owners pride themselves on providing personalised service that builds lasting relationships with regulars and tourists alike. Spending an afternoon perusing these indie shops offers a taste of what day-to-day life is like in Shipston.

Top Events and Activities in Shipston-on Stour

Despite the town’s small size, there is no shortage of events and activities taking place year-round. From sheep shows to gin tastings, Shipston-on-Stour knows how to keep things exciting no matter the season. But with so many options, where should a first-time visitor start when planning a trip to experience the top events?

Shipston Proms Music Festival

The Shipston Proms Music Festival is a highlight of the town’s cultural calendar. Spanning multiple days in the summer, the festival features performances from local and regional musicians across various venues in Shipston-on-Stour. 

From classical concerts to rock bands jamming out, there is impressive musical talent on display for all tastes during the Shipston Proms. It’s a great way to experience the vibrancy of the town’s arts scene.

Wool Fair

In keeping with Shipston-on-Stour’s history as a wool town, the annual Wool Fair carries on the tradition of celebrating sheep and wool. Taking place over a weekend in July, the Wool Fair features sheep shows, spinning and weaving demonstrations, competitions for the region’s top fleeces, as well as plenty of food and crafts for attendees to enjoy.

Beyond the festivities, though, the Wool Fair recognises the wool industry’s integral role in putting Shipston on the map.

Gin and Whisky Tastings

Shipston-on-Stour has cultivated a reputation for its specialist gin and whisky tastings over the years. Multiple venues host regular events where attendees can sample an array of gins and whiskies while learning about the subtleties of different types and flavours. 

Expert guides lead the tastings and offer fascinating insights into the distillation process. With a wealth of award-winning local distilleries nearby, it’s no wonder these tastings have become a signature on Shipston’s event lineup.

The Shipston Prom Festival

Top Spots To Take Your Pets

If you’re visiting or moving to this charming Cotswold town with pets, rest assured there’ll be no shortage of activities for your four-legged family members. Shipston-on-Stour makes it easy to have fun with dogs by your side. Here are some of the top pet-friendly spots to check out:

Shipston Promenade

Also known as the Harry Edwards Riverside Walk, this scenic trail follows the River Stour through meadows and woodland. It’s a peaceful place to walk your dog off-leash.

The George Townhouse

With a pet-friendly policy, the lounge area of this timeless inn welcomes dogs to relax by the fireplace after a stroll through town. You can also pop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; they cater to meaty and plant-based diets alike, and their flavourful dishes are the talk of the town! Looking for a pub? This inn has it all, with your choice of beers, ales, and whiskeys. In fact, it was named Warwickshire’s Pub of the Year in 2022!

The Red Lion 

The Red Lion has earned a reputation as the most dog-friendly pub in town. When you first step through the old wooden doors into the warm and cosy bar area, you will likely be greeted by a few happy tails wagging as local dogs relax by the fireplace or scurry about, hoping to make new friends.

Schools in Shipston

Shipston High School

Whether you’re looking for entertainment options, a strong sense of community, excellent schools, or charming yet affordable properties, Shipston-on-Stour checks all the boxes.

Shipston-on-Stour offers outstanding options for families moving to the area. Shipston High School is consistently rated as one of the top state secondary schools in Warwickshire, providing exceptional education opportunities, making it an ideal location for families. From stimulating nursery programs to exemplary exam results, the schools encourage curiosity and growth at every age.

How Wigwam Can Help Your Move to Shipston-on-Stour 

An image of Shipston-on-Stour’s Wigwam store

Are you looking for secure and affordable self storage solutions in the Shipston-on-Stour area? Located in the heart of Blackwell Business Park just minutes from major transportation routes, we offer a range of storage units perfect for both personal and business use.

With units varying in size from just 9 sq ft up to much larger spaces, we have options tailored to your needs whether you’re storing extra belongings during holiday travel or starting your entrepreneurial journey in Shipston-on-Stour. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your items are safe and secure. 

Get in touch to learn more about our Shipston-on-Stour storage facility!

Document Storage: What Is It and When Do You Need It?

We live in the information age. Important papers pile up quickly, from photos and medical records to contracts and tax documents. But with growing piles of paper comes great responsibility — and by that, we mean the responsibility to store them properly.

So what exactly is document storage? At its core, it refers to providing safe spaces specifically for important paperwork. This is different from other storage in that environmental and accessibility factors become much more important. After all, what good is storing something if you damage it or can’t access it when needed?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about document storage and the best ways to arrange it for your personal or business needs.

What Is Document Storage?

A businesswoman going through various files in a storage box

Document storage goes beyond merely hoarding papers in a drawer or filing cabinet. It’s a systematic approach to safeguarding your essential records, whether they’re financial documents, legal papers, or sentimental keepsakes. It’s basically a specialised fort for your paperwork, where each document has its own designated spot and is shielded from harmful elements.

How Does It Work? 

The process is surprisingly straightforward. You gather your documents, entrust them to the experts at a secure document storage facility, and voilà, your files are in safe hands. 

These self storage facilities employ cutting-edge security measures, from surveillance systems to fire prevention, to make sure that your documents remain in mint condition.

Which Documents Should You Store?

Various files and papers neatly piled on a table

When we think “important documents”, the mind typically jumps to things like:

  • Legal contracts
  • Tax returns
  • Property records
  • Medical history paperwork

And while these definitely fall within the document family, many other paper goods also require specialised care, including:

  • Old photographs
  • Awards, degrees, and certificates
  • Manuscripts and other written works
  • Vital records like birth and death certificates

If it’s printed on paper and should be preserved long term, it qualifies!

Warning Signs You Need Document Storage

A cluttered office desk filled with piles of papers

  1. Overflowing Office Space: If the desks in your office are disappearing under mountains of documents, it might be time to consider document storage. Clearing the clutter not only creates a more organised workspace but also boosts productivity.
  2. Data Security Concerns: Some documents require extra protection against theft or unauthorised access. Document storage facilities offer top-notch security features, including 24/7 surveillance and restricted access, guaranteeing your sensitive information stays confidential.
  3. Compliance and Regulations: Certain industries are bound by strict regulations regarding their documents. Non-compliance can lead to legal troubles and hefty fines. Document storage service facilities are well-versed in these regulations, and can help you stay on the right side of the law while keeping your documents accessible when needed.
  4. Business Growth Pains: With growth comes an influx of paperwork. Instead of drowning in an ocean of documents, use document storage to keep everything organised. It’s a proactive step to adapt to expansion without sacrificing your efficiency.
  5. Preserving Precious Memories: Not all documents are boring legalities or financial reports. Some are filled with memories — old letters, photographs, and mementoes that tell the story of your life. Document storage provides a safe space for these irreplaceable treasures, protecting them from the ravages of time.

How Document Storage Differs From Traditional Storage Spaces

So, what makes document storage unique compared to storing everyday boxes and furniture? Two key things set it apart:

Environmental Protection 

Since documents can quickly degrade or be damaged, storage facilities that offer archive services need to regulate light, humidity, and temperature. Excess moisture causes mildew and mould growth, which can corrupt paper. Heat and UV light also speed up deterioration over time.

Easy Accessibility 

Unlike storing a seasonal closet of clothes, you often need specific documents at a moment’s notice. So self storage spaces tailored for storing paperwork keep them conveniently accessible. This allows you to quickly reference anything from past tax returns to property sale records.

Best Place for Document Storage

A Wigwam Self Storage facility

Now that you’re on board with document storage, you’ll want to look for the best (while still affordable) option. Here are a few reasons why Wigwam is your best choice:

  • Wigwam Self Storage takes security seriously. Our facilities are equipped with advanced surveillance systems, access controls, and fire prevention methods to provide the utmost protection for your documents.
  • Whether you have a few documents or an entire archive, we offer flexible storage solutions. We’ve dealt with all types of document storage, from small businesses to large corporations.
  • We understand that accessibility is critical. Our user-friendly websites, professional staff, and easily accessible locations make it a breeze to retrieve your documents whenever you need them, saving you time and effort.

Outsourcing your document storage needs to Wigwam Storage is not just a smart move for your peace of mind; it’s also a cost-effective solution. Say goodbye to the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house storage system! From heirloom photos to medical histories, our specialised self storage units offer a TLC that typical storage spaces can’t provide. 

Get in contact with us today to start the process of preserving your precious papers!

Self Storage for Digital Nomads

The remote work revolution has led to a growing community worldwide: digital nomads. Are you one of these laptop-lugging travellers who traverse the globe while managing their work-life through Wi-Fi and video calls? Lucky you! But what happens to all your stuff while on the road? How do you keep your home life stable and your travels hassle-free?

That’s where self storage comes in. We’ll be discussing the reasons digital nomads need self storage, its various benefits, what to look out for in a self storage facility, and where to find the best deals.

Do Digital Nomads Need Self Storage?

A digital nomad looking something up on their laptop

When you picture a digital nomad journeying through Europe with nothing but a backpack and a smile, self storage seems like an unnecessary luxury. Can’t you and all these minimalist wanderers fit their whole life into a carry-on? 

Not always. Many nomads still have possessions, furniture, and other assets back home that don’t make sense to sell or drag around the world.

Self storage offers the perfect in-between for digital nomads who want to travel light but still have a place to land when they return. Storing your larger items also allows flexibility if you want to settle down in a new place without buying a bunch of new stuff immediately. And what about all those trinkets and souvenirs picked up on the road? Extra luggage fees can add up fast! 

Self storage gives travellers returning home a place to unpack their boxes of travel souvenirs. Digital nomads need storage solutions just like any other home-living resident.

What Types of Digital Nomads Would Benefit From Self Storage?

A digital nomad working while staying in a beautiful country

Which digital nomad jobs will most likely make self storage worth the extra cost? Here are a few fields that drive a lot of gear and equipment storage needs:

Content Creators 

Photographers, videographers, and bloggers haul props, camera equipment, lighting, and more around the world to capture engaging content. Self storage provides them with a secure stash for precious photography and video gear between trips back home.

Online Instructors 

Virtual teachers, tutors, and lesson coordinators have lots of specialty books, learning tools, props, instruments, and electronics that need to be securely stored when bouncing between destinations. Keeping curriculum supplies and teaching aids safe eases your stress while travelling.

Software Developers 

Contracted software engineers who collaborate with companies often keep sensitive technical equipment and files that need safe storage solutions with limited access. Their focus will be on protecting IP and hardware from getting damaged or lost while they are overseas.

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs 

As an online seller, you’ll need to manage vast product and inventory stores that can easily go well over your limited space when travelling abroad. Self storage lets you keep merchandise shippable and your sales fluid while reducing the carrying costs of huge shifting global inventories.

How Self Storage Benefits Digital Nomads

A remote worker storing stuff away in boxes for self storage

The transient lifestyle of digital nomads pairs nicely with the flexibility of self storage. Here are some perks self storage offers to any travelling remote workers:


Knowing your stuff is safe and secure back home will let you sleep at night when you’re constantly in motion. Storage units give digital nomads one less thing to worry about while adventuring abroad.


Reputable self storage companies make accessing your unit easy enough during return visits home. Whether you’re back for the holidays or just need to swap out seasonal clothes, the easy access to self storage puts your stuff conveniently within reach whenever you need it.


With flexible contracts, adjustable storage unit sizes, and easy-pay methods, self storage allows you to scale storage up or down depending on travel plans rather than lose money on unused rooms and closets back home. Self storage provides a budget-friendly way to hold onto important possessions without the ongoing costs of property taxes, rent, or mortgages.


Have you seen those baggage carousels spit out the battered remains of once-treasured souvenirs and family heirlooms? Self storage lets travellers keep their precious possessions safe however long their digital nomad lifestyle goes on, without harming their belongings.

What To Look Out for in Self Storage as a Digital Nomad

While self storage offers lots of perks for digital nomads, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind when picking the right storage solution:

  1. Clean Units: Protecting leather goods, electronics, wood furniture, and other environmentally sensitive items is a must. Look for indoor, well-maintained units to prevent any damage while you’re gone.
  2. Security Features: Make sure your facility has solid security protocols like alarms, video surveillance, and on-site staff members. Make sure you make it clear who can access your unit.
  3. Easily Accessible Locations: Accessibility can make or break a solid storage solution for your transient lifestyle. Unlike the average tenant renting storage nearby while settling down in place, digital nomads won’t necessarily be in the same area or country every time they need to access their unit. You should look for facilities that offer storage at locations convenient to major transit hubs, shipping carriers, and airports whenever possible. 
  4. Good Insurance Policies: Make sure you understand any insurance options in case of theft, fire, flood or damage. Storage companies generally allow you to purchase various levels of insurance tailored to the value of your belongings stored. 

The Best Self Storage Facility for Digital Nomads

A Wigwam self storage facility

For digital nomads seeking secure, convenient storage on the move, Wigwam Self Storage has flexible and affordable storage solutions to meet your roaming lifestyle needs.

Let us handle your possessions, freeing you to focus on life’s journeys without worrying about the stuff left behind. Wherever the digital nomad lifestyle takes you, we’ll be back home taking care of your beloved belongings!

Get your hassle-free quote today.

5 Self Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Renting a self storage unit is ideal when you need extra space. However, there are a few common mistakes that you might find yourself falling for when using self storage. But knowledge is power, and knowing about these errors is the best way to avoid them and make the most of your storage rental. So whether you’re a seasoned storage user or a green newbie, steer clear of these pitfalls!

Boxes scattered around a couple packing things up for self storage

Renting the Wrong Unit Size 

It’s tempting to go for the smallest, most affordable storage unit when looking to save money, but this often ends up being a mistake. If you rent a unit that’s too small, you won’t be able to comfortably fit all your belongings without being cramped and possibly damaging them. This means you’ll have to rent another unit or remove items you need. 

Instead, you should take measurements of the items you’ll store to determine what size unit you need. There are also nifty online unit size estimators that give you an accurate estimate in seconds. 

Tip: it’s better to overestimate since you can usually store smaller items in gaps. A unit that seems slightly bigger than necessary will end up being the better, more cost-effective choice. You’ll avoid having to upgrade later to cram things in a tiny unit that’s bursting at the seams.

Using the Wrong Packing Materials 

Piling loose items into your storage unit tends to spell trouble. Box those belongings together with decent packaging materials to avoid breakages or damage over time. Using storage-friendly containers allows you to stack and organise items more efficiently, making the most of your space.

Packing your unit correctly also means successfully fighting off moisture, dust, pests, and mould. Use moisture-absorbing packs, shelves, and tarps to guard your items as well. 

Also, take these protective steps when packing to keep belongings in their original condition:

  • Buy some new sturdy storage containers so your stuff stays protected. Target stackable plastic tubs that won’t collapse even if resting for years.
  • Piling items too compactly causes moisture to collect between surfaces, which breeds mould. Use breathable covers and keep some air flow instead.
  • Stacking your heavy stuff high up risks toppling piles and smashed goods. Keep them grounded on the floor for a solid base.
  • Keep larger furniture pieces away from the entrance, then strap them in so big items don’t budge and domino into the rest of your stuff.

Not Considering Your Time 

Time is a precious thing, and it’s a mistake not to think about it seriously when choosing a storage facility. Consider the hassle involved in accessing your unit. This is important if you’re going to be frequently storing and removing items. 

First, think about the facility’s operating hours and policies. Do they work well for when you can reasonably visit your unit? How far in advance will you need to notify staff to access your belongings? 

Next, look at the actual location of your unit. Is it a smooth, quick drive or a pain to get to? These time and accessibility considerations help with resolving potential future frustrations, especially if you plan to use self storage long term.

Not Using Your Space Correctly 

An out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude can cause trouble in the future. Avoid treating self storage like a junk drawer and conveniently stashing things to deal with later. A well-organised unit not only makes the most use out of the space you have but also makes it easier to access your items. 

Sort through items at home first before transferring things so you know exactly what’s going into storage. Strategically organise and stack your unit, designating sections by category or by how often you’ll need them. Make an inventory of what you’re going to put into storage as well. This will prevent your unit from becoming a disorganised nightmare down the road.

Not Looking Into Insurance for Self Storage Items 

One of the most costly (yet commonly overlooked) mistakes involves not fully understanding self storage coverage. Before storing very valuable items, check your homeowner’s or renter’s policies to see if they extend to self storage. Often, that insurance excludes or limits any belongings that leave your place for storage. 

For the best protection against theft, vandalism, and disaster damage in storage, look into self storage insurance plans. You’ll also find that any self storage worth its salt will have a policy in place with proper coverage for your items. 

The Worst Possible Mistake You Can Make in Self Storage?

A business owner chatting happily with a Wigwam self storage employee

Not using Wigwam, of course!

There’s a reason we’re known as the best self storage solution in Chipping-Norton, Bromsgrove, and Shipston-on-Stour:

  1. Our friendly staff are storage specialists. Whether you’re uncertain about the right unit size or need expert advice on organising your space, they will be there for you every step of the way.
  2. Our facilities have cutting-edge security features, from surveillance systems to secure access controls, guaranteeing your belongings are safe.
  3. With our wide range of unit sizes available, you’ll easily find the perfect fit for your belongings, making sure you only pay for the space you need.
  4. Wigwam’s conveniently located facilities in Chipping-Norton, Bromsgrove, and Shipston-on-Stour are designed to lessen the time you spend commuting.
  5. We believe in transparent and competitive pricing. No hidden fees and no surprises. 
  6. Our comprehensive insurance options provide coverage for unforeseen events, offering you an added layer of security.

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How To Make the Most of Your Christmas Break in Chipping Norton

As the holiday season rushes like a reindeer-powered locomotive towards us, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of your Christmas break in this enchanting part of the Cotswolds. Chipping Norton is more than just a treasure of a town; it’s a present full of delightful experiences waiting to be unwrapped. In this blog, we’ll take you on a festive journey and give you some fantastic ideas on how to create lasting holiday memories.

How To Prepare Your Home in Chipping Norton for Christmas

A house in Chipping Norton covered in Christmas decorations

Home is where the heart(h) is, so that seems like a great place to start to get yourself into the Christmas spirit cheer!

Here are some tips on how to prepare your home in Chipping Norton for Christmas, transforming it from an ordinary living space to a magical abode:

1. Deck the Halls with Cotswold Charm

Start by adorning your home with Cotswold-inspired Christmas decorations. Think rustic, natural, and timeless. Hang wreaths made of local greenery and set up a festive table centrepiece with seasonal flowers from the area. Use warm, earthy tones to create an atmosphere that adds a little magic to your household.

2. Light up Your Life

Candles and fairy lights are your best friends during the Christmas season. Go out there and get yourself some candles in warm, fragrant scents like cinnamon and pine to fill your home with the unmistakable aroma of the holidays. String fairy lights around your living space and drape them over your fireplace to cast an other-worldly glow around your living space.

3. Cook up Some Traditional Recipes

Bring the taste of the holidays to your Christmas table with a couple of traditional recipes. These meals and snacks can add a unique regional twist to your festive feast. Don’t forget to pair your meals with Cotswold ales or locally produced wine for an authentic experience.

Traditional Cotswold dishes to try: 

  • Tewkesbury mustard 
  • Bibury trout 
  • Stinking Bishop cheese
  • Hobbs House bread

4. Create a Nesting Nook

Set up a nesting nook or a snug corner by the fireplace (or any warm and secluded spot in the house). This should be the perfect area to curl up with a good book or relax with a warm drink in hand. Place some Christmas-inspired blankets and cushions to make it inviting for you and your loved ones. 

Festive Christmas Activities in the Surrounding Cotswolds Area

A Christmas festival taking place the Cotswolds

Go Ice Skating

Head over to a nearby ice skating rink for a fun and frosty experience. The Cotswolds typically host outdoor ice skating rinks during the Christmas season, making it an ideal activity for families, couples, and friends. Glide on the ice under a gleaming sky and create unforgettable memories.

Christmas Markets & Fairs

Venture beyond Chipping Norton to explore the broader Cotswolds region, which hosts a variety of Christmas markets and fairs. You’ll find everything from handmade crafts to artisanal food and drink, all set within delightful villages. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the festive spirit.

Take a Christmas Walk

The countryside around Chipping Norton is simply breathtaking, and a crisp Christmas walk is the perfect way to appreciate its beauty. Dress warm, wear your boots, and explore the scenic trails. 

Best Festive Attractions & Activities in Chipping Norton

A family enjoying the Christmas lights in Chipping Norton

Explore the Dazzling Town Center

Chipping Norton is known for its idyllic town centre, and during Christmas, it transforms into a winter wonderland. Enjoy your Christmas break by wandering through quaint streets sparkling with lights and festive decorations. You’ll find unique boutiques and local shops offering a variety of holiday goodies, making it the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.

Visit the Local Markets

Don’t miss the local markets in the area. They offer an authentic taste of Cotswold culture, and you can find beautiful handmade crafts, local produce, and delightful Christmas treats. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on festive ingredients for a holiday feast or to pick up some delightful decorations for your home in Chipping Norton.

Dine on Traditional Pub Fare

The Cotswolds are famous for their delightful pubs, and Chipping Norton is no exception. There’s nothing like savouring a delicious meal in a centuries-old pub with a roaring fireplace. Order a hearty roast dinner or traditional fish and chips, accompanied by a pint of local ale, and feel the warmth and hospitality of the region settle into your bones.

Blenheim Palace

While in Chipping Norton, make sure to visit the nearby grand Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the holiday season, the palace is beautifully decorated and hosts various Christmas events, including festive afternoon teas and light displays. It’s a magical place to explore and experience some Christmas splendour.

Explore the Art Scene

Chipping Norton has a vibrant arts scene. Check out local theatres and galleries for seasonal performances, exhibitions, and events. You might find a captivating show or an art piece that resonates with the spirit of the holidays.

Christmas Caroling

Join in on a traditional Christmas carolling event. The Cotswolds often host carolling sessions, and there’s nothing quite like singing your heart out with fellow carolers in a village square.

Get Into the Spirit of Giving

Remember, Christmas is also a season of giving. Think about maybe supporting local charities, food banks, or community initiatives in Chipping Norton. It’s a beautiful way to give back to your community and share the holiday spirit with those in need.

 A self storage facility in Chipping Norton

As you plan your Christmas break, remember to consider self storage options like Wigwam Storage to make the most of your holiday space and keep your belongings safe. So, gear up for a magical Christmas break in Chipping Norton, and make this holiday season one to remember! 

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Renovating Your Home? 10 Reasons Why You Need Self Storage

Taking on a home renovation project can be exciting and rewarding but also challenging. One obstacle you’ll face over and over again during renovations is finding space to store your belongings safely and securely. That’s where self storage comes to the rescue! Here are 10 ways that self storage can save your sanity during any home renovation task:

1) Securing Your Stuff 

During a standard home renovation, your home might be more exposed than usual and the items that generally stay covered in that part of the house will be more vulnerable to theft — due to random people coming in and out of your home, doors needing to be constantly open and unlocked, walls being broken down, etc. 

Self storage facilities can protect your things with an array of security features, including 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance, individual alarms for each unit, security staff, and specific access controls allowing limited access to your unit. Choosing a self storage facility in the UK that offers top-of-the-line security measures to protect your belongings is critical

2) Protecting Your Belongings From Dust and Debris Damage

During a renovation, your normally-spotless home can get bogged down in the chaos and devolve into a messy environment you wouldn’t recognise. Construction dirt and debris can get everywhere, making it more difficult than usual to keep your belongings pristine and clean. By moving your belongings to a storage unit, you’ll be protecting them from damage by dust, paint, and other construction materials, which can cause permanent wear and unsightly markings.

Self storage units are also a fantastic way to keep your possessions safe from damage caused by accidents or mishaps during the renovation process. Suppose you’re doing a major renovation that happened to involve knocking down walls or removing permanent fixtures. In this case, you run the risk of harm to your furniture or other items in that room. By storing your belongings off-site, you can avoid any damage that might occur during the renovation process and save yourself plenty of headaches.

Home renovation workers creating dust and damage

3) Providing More Space To Work With

Storage units can free up space in your rapidly cluttering household and help speed up the work. You’ll work more efficiently and effectively without worrying about boxes underfoot or knocking into furniture with your arms full of materials. This type of planning will shorten your timeline for the renovation too, and don’t we all look forward to the final product the most? The part where we can breathe properly and relax while enjoying the well-earned fruits of our labour.

4) Granting Easy Access

With 24-hour access to a storage unit, seven days a week, it’ll be easy to retrieve any tools or supplies you need to complete your project without digging through a messy and disorganised home for that screwdriver you could have sworn was just here. This amenity is handy if you need a wide variety of tools for different stages of the renovation and don’t want them cluttering up the area. It can also help if you need specific items and furniture to return home at different times. Self storage units typically have customer car access and packaging material shops, which make storing even the most bulky and heavy items much easier.

A homeowner getting access to a self storage unit and smiling

5) Save Money on Temporary Living Expenses

Renovations often require homeowners to move out of their bedrooms and living quarters during significant reconstructions for their safety, which can be pricey if you need to suddenly look at alternative housing. Self storage allows you to free up space in your home away from the construction site so you don’t have to pay extra for a hotel room during this period. It also makes it easier to stay with a friend (or rotate between a few friends) during this time, as you won’t be dragging your entire collection of precious keepsakes and furniture with you!

6) Supplying Flexible Rental Terms

Home renovations can be unpredictable, with delays and shifting deadlines being all too common. Storage facilities offer rental terms that you can adjust to meet your changing needs without too much stress or paperwork. You can rent a storage unit short- or long-term as needed without worrying about committing to something iron-clad that will come back to bite you later.

7) Reducing Unnecessary Damage to Your Floors And Walls

Renovating your household involves hauling furniture and equipment around to make room for these exciting new changes. Unfortunately, this activity can cause unsightly damage to your floors and walls. You don’t want to hear the sound a heavy sofa can make across a hardwood floor, and chairs bumping into walls can leave permanent dents and chips. To avoid this expensive and time-consuming damage, use a self storage unit.

8) Helping You Stay Organised

Decluttering your home ahead of the renovation can win you the war before the battles begin. With a clean and clear home, managing the completion of your household projects will be much easier. Instead of shuffling boxes and furniture around in a limited space, you can move everything you don’t need into a storage unit, smoothing over the process.

9) Letting You Remain Independent 

A self storage solution means you won’t have to depend on anyone else to store your belongings or tools. During the Great Renovation of your home, you need to account for furniture, appliances, and other cumbersome items that simply won’t fit in other parts of your home or garage. Reaching out to friends, family, or neighbours to hold onto your belongings for an uncertain period can be an unwanted hassle for them. It also puts your relationships at risk if your things get damaged in their care  or you need their space for longer than previously agreed because of a delay.

10) Clearing Space For Your Vision

Holding onto all of your belongings at home while renovating can be demanding.  It can be near impossible to visualise your new space without being influenced by your existing  décor. A cluttered space can cloud your creativity and capacity to create something new and fresh — which was why you started this renovation in the first place. By storing your old commodities away, you can fully envision your new space without any distractions. Now you’re free to come up with more imaginative and personalised design choices.

Happy home owners standing in a place that was fixed with a home renovation

TIP: If you need help determining what size self storage unit you’ll need for your renovations, our space calculator can help!

Creating an organised environment while undertaking such a fun project is critical to everyone involved having a good time. At Wigwam Self Storage, we know how important organisation is, and we offer a variety of storage solutions to do just that. Send us an email at, and one of our self storage experts will be happy to chat about any concerns you might have!

5 Reasons Why Students Should Capitalise on Self Storage This Summer

Breathe in deep. Smell that? Summer break is here! 

For many students, it’s a time of adventure, relaxation, and glorious freedom. Whether you’re heading back home, embarking on a summer internship, or travelling abroad, you’ll still face one challenge — what to do with all your belongings during this time. That’s where self storage comes to the rescue! 

Without even trying that hard, we’ve come up with five fantastic reasons why you should consider using self storage this summer. From decluttering dorm rooms to ensuring the safety of your precious stuff, self storage provides the key to a stress-free summer. 

Let’s dive in!

What Do Students Need Storage For?

Students packing over summer break

When students need to move, they (along with mom and pop) may wonder what they can do with all that excess stuff. These items are typically:

  • Extra furniture
  • Bedding / Mattress / Linens
  • Dishes 
  • Small appliances like a mini refrigerator
  • Textbooks and other school supplies
  • Seasonal clothing and sport equipment 
  • Bikes, skateboards, etc. 

5 Ways Self Storage Is Gonna Save Summer Break

Students storing their stuff

Find Delight Through Decluttering

As the academic year ends, students find they’ve accidentally done a Smaug and hoarded many items in their dorm rooms or apartments. From textbooks and study materials to clothes and furniture, the clutter can quickly pile up. Self storage offers an excellent opportunity to declutter and organise your living space. By temporarily storing items you won’t need over the summer, you can create a clean and spacious environment, allowing for a fresh start when you return in the fall.

With everything neatly stored away, you can enjoy a clutter-free summer and return to a stress-free living space when the new academic year begins.

Safe and Secure Summer

One of the leading causes of  anxious glances students give each other before leaving their residences for break is the safety and security of their belongings. Self storage facilities offer robust security measures to ensure the protection of your items. These include 24/7 surveillance cameras, gated access, individual locks, and alarm systems. With these measures, you can regain peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure while you’re away.

Self storage units are also built to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring that your items are protected from extreme temperatures, humidity, and pests, which might not be the case if you left them alone in your dorm. Whether it’s sentimental items, valuable electronics, or critical documents, self storage facilities provide a secure environment for students wanting to safeguard their possessions.

Flexible & Conveniently Accessible Options

Summer plans can be an unpredictable beast at the best of times, with changes in travel itineraries and internship locations, or unexpected opportunities arising. Self storage facilities offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience for students during these uncertain and exciting times. Most self storage facilities offer flexible rental terms, allowing you to rent a unit for as little as a month or extend your rental if needed. This flexibility means you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract, allowing you to adapt, improvise, and overcome any changes in your summer plans.

Self storage facilities are often conveniently located, offering multiple locations near college campuses and residential areas. This setup makes it easy for students to find a storage unit nearby, saving time and effort when moving their belongings.

Save That Money, Honey

Renting a self storage unit means this can be a hot-savings summer. Compared to alternatives like shipping items back home or renting a larger apartment to accommodate all your belongings, self storage is more economical. With various unit sizes available, you can choose the best fit for your needs and budget. Some storage businesses offer student discounts or group deals, making it even more affordable.

Consider the long-term benefits as well. By securely storing your items, you can prevent potential damage or wear and tear during transportation, or while being held in less secure locations with less-than-safe dorm mates. This plan can save you a decent amount of quid on repairs or replacements in the long run.

For Transitions Smoother Than a Freshman’s Face

Whether you’re moving into new accommodation or even transitioning to a different city for an internship or job, self storage can facilitate a smooth transition. Instead of transporting all your belongings at once, you can store them temporarily and retrieve them gradually as you settle into your new space. This easy-going process eliminates the stress of dealing with a massive move in one go and allows you to focus on the essentials during this otherwise stressful shift.

From decluttering and organisation to safety and security, self storage offers numerous benefits that can make your summer more enjoyable and stress-free. Before you embark on your summer adventure, consider us as a reliable option to store your belongings and ensure peace of mind during your break. Happy summer!

Renting a self storage unit with Wigwam can give you a clutter-free and spacious student summer. Call us on 0800 2545585 to learn more about the student storage solutions we have for you.