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Unit 3, 27-29 Sherwood Road, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 3DR

Looking for a cost-effective self storage facility in Bromsgrove? Look no further than Wigwam and get 50% OFF your first 8 weeks on selected unit sizes*. Our wide range of Bromsgrove self storage units cater to both personal and business needs, providing the perfect space for you. Choose Wigwam and experience the best storage units Bromsgrove has to offer!

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Storage Site Details

Storage Access:

Customer Access:
6:00am to 10:00pm Using our new Keyless System*

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday - 9:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday - Closed

Contact Us:

Phone: 01527 222321

Email: hello@wigwamstorage.co.uk

Get in touch:

Directions To Our Store

How Do I Get To The Bromsgrove Storage Facility?

Ready to store? Our Bromsgrove self storage facility is conveniently located on Sherwood Road off of Stoke Main Road. Simply use the interactive map above to find your easiest route.

Situated only 1.1 miles from Bromsgrove train station, our Bromsgrove storage facility is easily accessible by car and train. With convenient storage access, 7 days a week between 6am and 10pm, you can pick up or drop off belongings day or night (24 hour access available on request).

Our Wigwam Self Storage Bromsgrove Facility Features

What Does Wigwam Offer?

Looking for the best storage units Bromsgrove has to offer? Visit our state-of-the-art storage facility, featuring secure and purpose-built units ideal for your personal storage or business storage needs.

With a wide variety of self storage units available, flexible lease agreements and competitive storage prices, we make booking clean and secure self storage in Bromsgrove hassle-free. Whether you need small storage lockers for seasonal items or large storage units for equipment storage, we have space for you.

Each of our valued customers benefits from the following features:

  • Unlimited storage access, 7 days a week, with 24 hour access available on request
  • Flexible storage solutions with a two-week minimum stay
  • Over 11 storage unit sizes ranging from 10 sq. ft to 300 sq. ft (larger units available on request)
  • Top security measures, including individually alarmed and secure units, 24-hour CCTV monitoring and access control
  • The latest fire and smoke detection systems
  • Friendly and helpful team ready to assist

Reasons To Store At Our Storage Units in Bromsgrove

Why Store With Us?

Trust your personal belongings or business inventory with Wigwam Self Storage, the top choice for modern, secure, and affordable storage in Bromsgrove.

Our Bromsgrove self storage facility is conveniently located off Stoke Main Road and near Bromsgrove train station, making the facility easily accessible via car or public transport.

As a top-rated storage facility in Bromsgrove, there are several reasons customers choose to store with Wigwam, including:

  • Flexible rental agreements
  • Competitive prices
  • 5-star Google reviews
  • World-class security measures

Get a quote today and become one of hundreds of happy customers!

About Our Bromsgrove Self Storage Solutions

Top-Class Self Storage Solutions On Offer At Wigwam

Whether you’re preparing for a big home move, need a safe space to keep items dust-free during a renovation project or are a tradesman looking for self storage in Bromsgrove to store costly equipment, our Bromsgrove self storage facility is your solution.

At Wigwam Self Storage, we have a wide selection of differently-sized storage units in Bromsgrove to suit every storage need, including:

And with a variety of storage unit sizes available, from small storage units to larger storage spaces, we can accommodate everything from a few small boxes to an entire warehouse of inventory. Book with Wigwam Self Storage Bromsgrove today!

How Our Bromsgrove Storage Units Are Priced

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

Storage units can be a lifesaver when you’re short on space, but how much do they cost? There are a few factors that will determine the cost of your Bromsgrove storage unit, including:

  • The unit size selected
  • The length of rental
  • The floor of the unit (e.g. ground or first)
  • Availability of units

Complete with a wide selection of unit sizes, flexible lease agreements, and a competitive storage unit price, making more space at home or the office has never been easier.

For the most affordable storage units Bromsgrove has to offer, contact us today!

Storage in Bromsgrove Using our New Keyless System

What is a Keyless System?

Our new keyless secure storage system allows you to download an app on your ‘smart’ phone which gives you access into the facility and allocated unit. Each unit in the facility has a flat door with no locks or padlocks, and will open in response to the Bluetooth signal from the app. If you do not have a ‘smart’ phone, we can give you a fob instead.

How do I access my unit?

At 6am on the morning of move in, you will receive a text message from Noke Smart Entry giving instructions of how to download their app. Once downloaded there are step by step instructions of what to press to give you access through the various security doors.

Once in the facility, the app will again direct you to your unit and this is what will happen:


When you press “locate my unit” from the app home screen, the unit will start making a sound and then blink for about 15 seconds to help find you unit quickly.


You simply touch the LED light on the front of the lock to “wake it” by turning it green, then press the ‘unlock’ unit button in the app, slide the latch, and open the door!


You slide the latch back to lock the unit, the LED light will glow red and the unit alarm will be automatically re-activated.

Can I give someone else access to my unit?

Yes, using digital key sharing on the app, you can grant temporary unit access to a friend, family member or colleague.

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Wigwam Self Storage FAQs:

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

When you need self storage in Bromsgrove, our friendly and professional team will help you select a storage unit size suited to your needs and budget.

Choose from:

  • Small units (10 – 50 sq. ft) – ideal for student storage or seasonal belongings
  • Medium units (50 – 100 sq. ft) – well-suited to personal and business storage
  • Large units (100 sq. ft and larger) – ideal for secure warehousing, equipment storage, stock storage and more

With a selection of differently-sized units and world-class security measures, our Bromsgrove self storage facility has all the space you need. Visit our size guide for more information.

How Do I Prepare My Belongings For Storage?

Ready to start storing? Whether storing belongings for short or long-term storage, consider these prepping tips before packing:

  • Stock up on packaging supplies beforehand
  • Clean all items of dust and dirt before placing them into boxes
  • Wrap delicate items in wrapping paper, bubble wrap or linens
  • Create an inventory list as you pack for easy reference
  • Keep large boxes for lighter items and small/medium boxes for heavier items

How Do I Pack My Storage Unit To Maximise Space?

When organising your Bromsgrove storage unit, you want to pack in a way that maximises space while keeping items free from damage.

Consider the following when packing your unit:

  • Disassemble large furniture wherever possible
  • Flip tables and stack dining chairs
  • Place the heaviest items on the bottom to create a firm foundation
  • Pack items by priority, keeping the most important ones front and centre

Don’t forget to stock up on storage boxes, box tape and more.

Can I Run A Business Out Of My Storage Unit?

Are you interested in a cost-effective base of operations for your budding startup? Look no further than our wide selection of business storage units.

Our Bromsgrove self storage facility helps local businesses in many ways, including:

  • Stock storage for e-commerce businesses
  • Convenient tool storage for tradesmen
  • Equipment storage
  • Document storage for archived paperwork

With a wide range of Bromsgrove storage unit sizes, we’ve got all the space you need for as long as you need it. Give us a call or select our chat option below to learn more.

What Cannot Be Stored In My Storage Unit?

While self storage is an affordable and convenient solution to personal and business storage troubles, there are a few items we cannot safely store.

Please note that the following cannot be allowed in your Bromsgrove storage unit:

  • Food or perishable goods
  • Any plants or creatures (living or dead)
  • Combustible or flammable materials, liquids or gases
  • Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition
  • Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents
  • Toxic waste, asbestos or potentially dangerous materials
  • Items which emit any fumes, smell or odour
  • Illegal substances or goods illegally obtained