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We sell a range of packaging material from our Chipping Norton branch, please call us on 01608 656 300 to pre-order or pop in during the day if you’d prefer.

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Buy Storage Boxes and Packaging Supplies in Chipping Norton

The Wigwam Packaging Shop Is Fully Stocked!

When it comes to moving, Wigwam prioritises a stress-free experience, including offering an onsite packaging shop fully stocked with quality moving materials at our Chipping Norton facility.

To ensure you have everything necessary for a safe and easy move, our wide selection of affordable packaging supplies includes:

  • We sell top quality double skinned storage boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Box tape and fragile tape
  • Padlocks
  • Markers
  • Furniture covers
  • Mattress covers

Whether moving house, downsizing your office or simply clearing out excess items to make a little more room, Wigwam provides top-quality recyclable packaging to keep your goods safe during transit and storage.

When you’re ready to stock up, give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs or pop into our onsite store.

Key Benefits Of The Wigwam Packaging Shop

Our On-site Packaging Shop Sells Quality Products At Your Convenience!

If you’re in the middle of a packing spree, stopping to buy more packaging supplies can seriously disrupt your flow and productivity. To ensure our customers have all they need to pack up their home or business with ease, Wigwam offers competitively priced moving materials.

Our onsite Chipping Norton packaging shop offers our customers the following benefits:

  • Reusable packaging supplies conveniently located onsite at our facility
  • Friendly and helpful staff onsite to provide advice on selecting the correct materials and box sizes for your needs
  • Top-quality storage boxes in a wide range of sizes

As an added convenience, you can also make use of Wigwam’s convenient and affordable van hire or Man and Van service to help transport your packed goods safely.

The Importance of Preparing and Packaging Your Belongings Correctly

Tips To Protect And Package Your Precious Belongings

Whether you’re moving house or renovating, storing your belongings in our self storage facility is an affordable and convenient option to protect your goods during a chaotic time. However, it’s important to remember to correctly package your belongings to avoid costly damages down the line.

Here are tips to avoid common storage damages:

  • Avoid used or low-quality packaging materials – they will likely deteriorate quickly, leaving your items vulnerable to damage
  • Invest in heavy-duty storage boxes designed to be stackable – even during long-term storage
  • Packing furniture too closely together without proper furniture covers can result in the items “sweating” which can lead to mould and mildew
  • Avoid stacking heavy boxes too high – keep them on the floor to create a strong foundation
  • Place furniture or bulky decorative pieces at the back of your storage unit with straps to avoid them falling down and damaging other items

What Should I Store in Packaging Boxes?

Items To Store In Boxes

Packaging boxes are key to keeping your belongings safe and organised in storage and during a tricky move. Whether you need small box packaging in Chipping Norton or something more bespoke for your business, Wigwam stocks various types of packaging boxes, ideal for storing items like:

  • Clothes
  • Linens
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Confidential documents
  • Kitchenware
  • Toys and games
  • Sports and gym gear
  • Tools and office equipment

Cardboard boxes provide protection against dust, moisture, and pests, while also preventing items from getting lost or damaged while moving or in storage. Be sure to label each box with its contents and highlight boxes with fragile contents for your movers.

When Should I Use Bubble Wrap Packaging?

Use Bubble Wrap For The Following Items

Bubble wrap packaging is particularly important for fragile items and valuables that need extra care when in storage. Bubble and plastic wrap packaging acts as an additional layer of protection, absorbing shocks and preventing breakages. Bubble wrap is a smart solution for:

  • Packing breakables (glass items, kitchenware, etc.)
  • Storing electronics
  • Moving furniture
  • Long-term storage

It’s important to use quality bubble wrap packaging and fill any gaps in your boxes to ensure your belongings remain in one piece. This added protection will also give you peace of mind when parting with your valuables.

Does Wigwam Sell Packaging Boxes for Small Businesses?

Packaging Boxes for Small Businesses

Yes, we sell packaging supplies for businesses of all sizes, big or small! Investing in business packaging supplies is an excellent way for small businesses to protect their products during shipping and storage, and even improve their branding. With bespoke packaging boxes, businesses can have safe packaging that is also unique to their brand.

For high quality Chipping Norton packaging, head to Wigwam Self Storage. Our on-site store stocks a wide variety of box options and packaging that is perfect for small businesses, including bubble wrap, wrapping paper, box tape and furniture protectors.

Why Use Recyclable Packaging?

Benefits of Recyclable Packaging

When moving or storing, people often generate a significant amount of waste, from cardboard boxes and packing materials to plastic wrap and tape. By using recyclable packaging options, you can minimise waste in landfills and maximise the protection of your goods.

Recyclable packaging is made from materials that can be reused or repurposed, reducing the need to produce new materials and conserving valuable natural resources. Plus, it’s an affordable and practical option that can help to reduce moving costs in the long-run.

Whether moving house, downsizing your office, or simply clearing out excess items to make a little more room, Wigwam provides top-quality recyclable packaging to keep your goods safe during transit and storage without costing the planet.

When you’re ready to stock up, give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs or pop into our onsite store.

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