Let’s be honest; being a student is like riding a rollercoaster of thrilling freedom and tricky challenges. Picture this: you’re diving headfirst into exciting adventures, exploring new horizons, and embracing the independence that comes with student life while forging fantastic friendships along the way. But, amid all the excitement, there’s a twist — the stress of tackling real-life tasks, like packing, moving, and settling back into your student halls during holidays.

Luckily, student storage exists to solve all those pesky problems you’ll face as you start your student journey. 

Top Eight Reasons Students Need Storage

  1. A Safe and Secure Home for Your Belongings
A student in a cramped university room/empty dorm room

As a student, we understand that you already have enough to worry about, like graduating so that you can move out of your cramped student hall. 

Stressing about the safety of your valuables should be the least of your worries. That’s where student storage comes to the rescue — storage units provide secure and affordable options to safely store your belongings while you finish your studies.

At Wigwam our units have 24-hour CCTV monitoring, so you will know your things are always secure. Designed with your convenience in mind, Wigwam storage helps reduce stress so you can focus on succeeding today and the future ahead.

  1. Seasonal Transitions

Students often need to move around during the holidays or semester breaks. Whether you’re going home for that much-needed family time or starting new adventures with friends, having a trustworthy storage solution is a convenient and affordable option. This means you don’t have to lug all your things back home over long breaks or pay an extra month of rent to house your things while you’re off-campus. 

Whether you need to make space by storing off-season clothes, items over the summer holiday, or archiving important documents, Wigwam student storage solutions offer the perfect seasonal storage space. And we offer 24-hour access, so you can always retrieve your belongings when needed. 

  1. Space Constraints in Student Accommodations

Student accommodations are not known for their spaciousness. As coursework progresses and personal belongings accumulate (because university is the best place to explore with your personal style), self storage units are like magic — they help you make extra space and keep your living area neat and tidy.

Not enough room in your dorm room or apartment? Need to simplify your space? Use our beginner’s guide to help you. 

  1. Flexible Living Arrangements
Two roommates

As a student, you may opt for flexible living arrangements, such as subletting or moving in with friends during certain periods. In these situations, storage becomes an easy way to store excess belongings until a more permanent living situation is established.

Things you may need to store: 

  • Extra furniture 
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Cutlery
  • Bedding/Linen
  • Bikes, skateboards/sports equipment
  • Small appliances
  1. A Solution for Students Studying Abroad 

For students studying abroad, Self Storage provides space to store all their possessions safely while they’re overseas so they don’t have to keep renting their apartment for months on end just to store furniture and they don’t have to trouble loved ones by borrowing garages, etc. 

Storage units allow students to store their valuables while they’re in another country pursuing their studies.

  1. Transitioning Between Student Housing

The dynamic nature of student life often involves transitioning between different accommodations. Having a self storage solution streamlines these transitions, offering a secure space for items during the shift from one place to the next. 

Some companies even offer moving services at an affordable rate, and if they don’t have in-house movers, they tend to have relationships with reliable local moving companies. 

  1. Preserving Valuables During Shared Living

In study halls, it’s common to have limited space and shared storage areas. To safeguard valuables and maintain privacy, having a personal storage unit offers a secure space for your valuables. Some students may have valuable collectables that need a safe storage space. Accidents are commonplace and your things could easily be a casualty. 

With self storage you will always know where your items are and can access them any time you need them. 

  1. Bike and Vehicle Storage

Struggling to find a good parking spot at university? Renting a self storage unit for your car or bike is a smart and sound solution, since many facilities are located near major universities. Not only does this solve your space issue, but it also protects your car or vehicle from damage and theft. 

Plus, it’s super convenient with flexible contracts. Students can choose how long they want to rent the space, giving them the freedom to have parking whenever they need it. This way, students can avoid the stress of searching for parking every day and actually get to class on time for once.

How Wigwam Offers the Ideal Student Storage Solution

A Wigwam facility storefront

If you’re a student dealing with all the ups and downs of university life, opting for a self storage unit at Wigwam is like hitting the jackpot. Not only do we keep your stuff safe and sound, but our flexible contracts also fit right into your student budget.

Whether you’re bouncing between places during breaks, dealing with a tiny and cramped room, or just wanting to keep things neat, we’ve got your back here at Wigwam with super convenient self storage units.  So ditch the storage stress and focus on acing your studies and enjoying student life.

Take charge of your future today by reclaiming your space. Visit your nearest Wigwam self storage now for a quick quote.

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