Reasons why people are moving to Bromsgrove  

Bromsgrove is a market town well-known for its charming atmosphere and the friendly people that live there. This blog post outlines some of the top reasons you should consider moving to this historical town. If you’re pondering a move, be sure to read on to learn more about what Bromsgrove has to offer. 

Here are the top reasons people are moving to Bromsgrove: 

Plenty of transport options 

You can travel conveniently by rail, car or air. The railway station offers hourly services, the Birmingham airport is only 42 minutes away, and traveling by car leaves room for easy access to Birmingham and Coventry – which are only 30 minutes away. 

Thriving with rich heritage 

The Avoncroft Museum and St Peter’s Church are two of many historical journeys people can enjoy while living in Bromsgrove. From exploring the grave site of Mabel Tolkien (mother of author J.R.R. Tolkien) to experiencing an unusual collection of 30 rescued and rebuilt buildings and structures, there is something for everyone in this heritage-rich town. 

Food and drink options galore! 

Little Ale House, Bromsgrove’s first micropub, has seven rotating ales from various breweries. You can also share meals with friends and family at some of the town’s local spots like Casa Med tapas lounge and bar. Indulge your taste buds in some hearty-pub food or fine dining delicacies – Bromsgrove has options! 

Pro Tip: don’t enjoy ale? Bromsgrove also has plenty of real ciders and perries to choose from.  

Hidden gems to experience 

Grafton Manor – the most famous Bromsgrove hidden gem – was the former secret meeting place for Catholics after the Reformation. It also marks the former residence of John Talbot (Earl of Shrewsbury,) who was considered an involved suspect in the Gunpowder Plot. Ironically, Talbot’s original manor burned down in the 18th century, but the new building is still marked as his former residence. 

If you need space to store your belongings while you arrange your move to Bromsgrove, Wigwam is here to help! Our newest Bromsgrove automated facility – the first of its kind in the town – boasts 200 modern storage units spread across two floors, with Bluetooth and app-based technology installed for easy access control. 

Call us on 01527 222 321 for a tour of our facility or get a quick quote online! 

Tips on prolonging the shelf life of tires in storage

Winter tires are built for snow! But that doesn’t mean they’re built for the harsh conditions of your garage during the summer months. Storing tires can be a hassle because of their size and all the extra steps needed to keep them in good condition.  

Keep reading for a few tips on prolonging the shelf life of your tires while they’re in storage: 

Make sure tires are clean and dry 

Avoid cleaning products that have petroleum. They can end up causing corrosion if your tires are out of service for a couple of months. Mix mild dish soap and warm water in a bucket and scrub away grime before making sure they are completely dry. 

Pro Tip: Avoid using abrasive tire cleaners, dressing and gloss – they can speed up the breakdown of rubber. 

Keep tires away from sunlight 

Direct sunlight and its UV rays penetrate and heat the rubber inducing premature corrosion and leading the tires to dry out. For extra protection, even in a garage or storage unit, cover tires with a thick sun-proof tarp and store them away from windows or doors. 

Wrap each tire in an airtight plastic bag 

Did you know that oxygen deteriorates tires? While some items require airflow to stay in good condition, tires do better in vacuum-sealed plastic. Vacuum-sealing prevents oil from evaporating and drying out the tires, so wrap each tire individually for the best results. 

Pro Tip: You should still use a thick sun-proof tarp for added protection. 

Pack tires properly 

Tires start picking up deformities if they aren’t packed properly. Unmounted tires should be stored upright or stacked on top of one another. Never hang unmounted tires on hooks – the tires tend to sag. Tires on rims should be hung-up on tire hooks or stacked vertically. 

Pro Tip: Keep tires off the ground on a pallet, hook or shelf and rotate their positions monthly to prevent deformities. 

Whether you have a tire business and need some extra storage space or a family looking to store winter tires through the summer – our storage units or containers are dry, spacious and perfect for your tires!  

Call us on 0800 2545585 to learn more about our business storage or personal storage options. Alternatively, get your quick quote here! 

Storage tips for clothing traders and eCommerce businesses 

If you’re an entrepreneur with an online clothing shop or an eCommerce store then you know the importance of keeping your inventory organised and storage space optimised! Without proper storage, you can quickly find yourself buried beneath mountains of clothes and products while struggling to keep up with demand. Fortunately, here are a few tips that can help keep your business running smoothly.  

Read on for storage tips for clothing traders and eCommerce businesses. 

Use the correct packaging products 

Correct packaging varies when it comes to clothing and textiles. However, paper wrapping is often better than plastic – which can cause mould due to condensation and sweating. You should also use acid-free colourless paper to avoid transferring colour onto the clothing.  

Wigwam Chipping Norton offers an onsite packaging shop with the perfect materials for clothing! 

Purchase top-quality storage equipment 

It’s no secret that storage units come completely bare. So, it may be a good idea to invest in some shelves, hanging racks, heavy-duty boxes, garment bags and other storage equipment that’ll make your work life a little easier and more organised! 

Our business storage solutions are ideal for storing inventory, palletised goods, office furniture and more! 

Take extra precautions with antique items 

If you’re dealing with antique textiles, you already know how much extra care is required. Antiques need to be handled ideally with both hands and sometimes wearing gloves. You should also avoid cleaning fragile or damaged items as this can sometimes do more harm than good. 

Customise storage methods  

Each textile will have its storage method for optimal preservation. While some items, such as cotton, can be hung on a rack, others, such as wool, should be loosely folded with paper wrapping in a heavy-duty box to prevent stretching. Some items may also require silica gel packets which ensure extra protection against moisture. 

If you’re looking for a secure place to store your inventory or want to free up space in your home office, you’ve come to the right place. Wigwam has a perfect business storage option whether you’re a budding start-up, a growing online business or a large enterprise.  

Call us on 0800 2545585 or request a quick and easy quote online now. 

What to check before hiring a moving company

Hiring the wrong moving company can cost you money, precious time and energy. From ensuring the safety of your items to avoiding putting a dent in your budget, make sure you do your research before making any decisions. 

Keep reading for a few tips on what you should check before hiring a moving company. 

Do your research 

Research at least five companies. Search through their history and reviews and get quotes from your top three. Be careful of “Rogue Movers”. They typically give a low estimate over the phone or internet without visiting your home or seeing your goods, and you may end up paying more than the original estimate.  

Ask about extra fees 

Moving companies sometimes have extra fees that are only added to the final invoice once the move is complete. Make sure you ask movers about any potential extra costs. This way, you can try to avoid them or at least avoid the fright you’ll get when you receive the final invoice.  

Pro Tip: To ensure an accurate quote from movers, ask if the final rate includes physical assistance with packing up, loading and unloading the van.  

Do they have insurance? 

Insurance is sometimes included if you arrange for movers to pack your belongings. However, if you’re handling the load, it’s unlikely you’ll be insured against breakages caused by improper packing – unless you take out your own insurance. Ask the movers so you know whether you should start arranging or if they have you covered.   

Know when to move 

You should aim to move in the winter months as summer (peak season) is when moving companies are at their busiest. However, if you have no choice but to move during peak season – mid-week or mid-month will be your budget-friendly options. 

Pro Tip: Demand for movers is often highest on weekends, and at the beginning and the end of a month. 

If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by the moving process, turn to Wigwam. Offering convenient self van hire, Man & Van services, a fully stocked onsite packaging shop and affordable personal storage units, we have all you need for a stress-free moving experience!  

Ready to move? Give us a call on 0800 254 5585 or request a quick and easy quote online. 

Bromsgrove’s First Ever Automated Self Storage Facility 

Bromsgrove is now home to its very first fully automated self storage facility, marking a significant stride towards greater automation in our town. And, of course, it’s a Wigwam Self Storage facility pioneering this brand-new, unmanned self storage solution!

The concept of fully automated self storage may not be entirely new, but it gained traction during the pandemic as the demand for this creative solution surged. Self storage facilities across the globe began embracing the wonders of automation to stay open and meet the growing needs of their customers.

Wigwam has proudly taken the lead as the first self storage facility to bring automated convenience to Bromsgrove. Conveniently located on Aston Fields Industrial Estate, between Howdens and Tool Station on Sherwood Road, our facility brings a new era of self storage to your doorstep. In this blog, we’ll explore automated self storage and what it means for you and self storage in Bromsgrove.

What Is an Automated Self Storage Facility?

A self storage unit owner using an app on their phone

An automated self storage facility is a type of storage space where customers can access and manage their storage units electronically, without human assistance. This type of facility combines the convenience of modern technology with traditional storage solutions, offering hassle-free access to your unit via digital keypads, mobile apps, or online interfaces.

From business owners needing efficient inventory management to residents of Bromsgrove looking to declutter their living spaces, this new addition provides a more convenient storage experience for everyone. 

What Are the Benefits of Self Storage Automation?

A smiling person inside a Wigwam self storage unit

Fully automated self storage facilities offer customers many benefits, including:

  • 24/7 accessibility 
  • Enhanced security through digital access controls and surveillance
  • Outstanding convenience with online reservations and payments 

What To Expect From Our Fully Automated Self Storage Facility in Bromsgrove 

A Wigwam employee answering a customer’s questions

With our automated system, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support ever again. Even though our facility is fully automatic, our friendly team remains readily available to assist you with any questions or concerns in real-time. You can count on them for assistance through the internal intercom system located throughout the facility. They can help with tasks like granting remote access to your unit if you’ve forgotten your PIN code, offer support for online bookings, assist with check-in services, and provide general customer support.

With over 200 modern units spanning two floors and our cutting-edge technology, we also offer a range of unique features that ensure a safe and secure environment for your stored belongings.

Smart Bluetooth Locking System

Our Smart Bluetooth Locking System is not only convenient but also super secure — it safeguards your belongings with advanced encryption and authentication. No more fumbling with traditional locks that might not be as reliable! Your smartphone becomes the key, and you’re less likely to find yourself locked out, trying to remember which elusive code you had set up for this situation.

App-Based Access Control 

Managing who has access to your storage unit has never been easier. With just a few taps on your phone, you can grant temporary access to friends, family, or anyone you trust and revoke it just as easily when you’re done.

Advanced Security Features 

At our state-of-the-art facility in Bromsgrove, each unit comes equipped with individual alarms and motion-tracking sensors, so even the slightest movement won’t go unnoticed. The entire facility is under the watchful eye of our 24-hour CCTV surveillance system, ensuring every corner is well-monitored around the clock. And when it comes to locking up, our electronic locking system adds an extra layer of protection. 

More Convenience & Flexibility 

At Wigwam, we’re committed to providing a hassle-free storage experience that goes beyond just renting a space. We’re all about convenience, flexibility, and making your life simpler. That’s why we offer:

  • Flexible Rental Terms: We understand that your storage needs may change, so we offer a minimum rental period of just two weeks. No long-term commitments, no fuss — you have the flexibility to store your items for as long as you need.
  • An Easily-Accessible Location: Our facility is located near major motorways for easy access. With local shops, trade shops, and supermarkets nearby, you can quickly grab any supplies you need before or after your visit. 
  • Man and Van Recommendations: Moving your items to and from storage doesn’t have to be a hassle. We can recommend local man and van services to help transport your belongings with ease. 
  • Lift Access: No need to break a sweat (or your back) lugging heavy items up and down stairs. Our facility is equipped with lifts, so you can easily access units on different floors without the struggle.
  • On-site Trolleys: Loading and unloading is a breeze with our complimentary on-site trolleys. They’re at your disposal, making moving your items smoother and more efficient.

How Our Automated Self Storage Units Work

A new customer downloading the automated self storage app on their phone

Our automated self storage facility in Bromsgrove couldn’t be simpler. 

With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can unlock your unit’s Smart Bluetooth Locking System. No keys, no access codes — just pure convenience. 

Rent Self Storage in Bromsgrove in a Click 

An external view of a Wigwam self storage facility with automated features

Get a quote today or ring our store for more information (01527 222 321). Our team is ready to answer any questions, provide guidance, and make sure your self storage needs are met. 

How self storage can benefit university students 

Students, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Between classes, studying and social calendars, it can start to seem like there isn’t enough time in a day – that’s without the added pressure of cramped quarters. 

If you need help making space for dessert (the finer things in life), keep reading for how self storage can benefit you throughout university.  

Store bulky sports and hobby equipment 

Whether you’re tripping over hockey sticks or getting hit in the face with paintbrushes every time you open your cupboard, self storage has the extra space you need. Store equipment in a unit to avoid cramming your room with items you only use twice a week. 

Try our handy space calculator to choose the right-sized unit for you! 

Save childhood items after moving out 

When children move out, many parents opt to downsize their space or turn the room into something new, but you can hang onto your beloved childhood items with self storage. This way, you can ensure you don’t clutter your small student room with sentimental items you’ve had since you were a child and want to save. 

Avoid a backbreaking ordeal using our Man & Van removals service! 

Keep items safe during the holidays 

Most students head home during the holidays, sometimes to another city or country. While some universities allow students to leave their belongings behind during mid-way holidays, security can be a worry. Rest easy knowing that Wigwam offers secure student storage units with 24-hour CCTV surveillance. 

Pack away seasonal items 

It’s almost winter, so it’s probably a good idea to start making space in your cupboard for bulky blankets and fuzzy socks. Storing your summer items in a storage unit will give you more than enough space to have all your warm clothing and linen organised and close by without cluttering your space. 

We have a packaging shop! Ensure clothes stay clean by using the correct materials. 

Whether you’re worried about the security of your items during the holidays or simply lugging your items back and forth between home and uni – Wigwam has the perfect student storage option. From flexible lease agreements to our quick and easy-to-access location, call us on 0800 2545585 or get a quick quote online