Winter tires are built for snow! But that doesn’t mean they’re built for the harsh conditions of your garage during the summer months. Storing tires can be a hassle because of their size and all the extra steps needed to keep them in good condition.  

Keep reading for a few tips on prolonging the shelf life of your tires while they’re in storage: 

Make sure tires are clean and dry 

Avoid cleaning products that have petroleum. They can end up causing corrosion if your tires are out of service for a couple of months. Mix mild dish soap and warm water in a bucket and scrub away grime before making sure they are completely dry. 

Pro Tip: Avoid using abrasive tire cleaners, dressing and gloss – they can speed up the breakdown of rubber. 

Keep tires away from sunlight 

Direct sunlight and its UV rays penetrate and heat the rubber inducing premature corrosion and leading the tires to dry out. For extra protection, even in a garage or storage unit, cover tires with a thick sun-proof tarp and store them away from windows or doors. 

Wrap each tire in an airtight plastic bag 

Did you know that oxygen deteriorates tires? While some items require airflow to stay in good condition, tires do better in vacuum-sealed plastic. Vacuum-sealing prevents oil from evaporating and drying out the tires, so wrap each tire individually for the best results. 

Pro Tip: You should still use a thick sun-proof tarp for added protection. 

Pack tires properly 

Tires start picking up deformities if they aren’t packed properly. Unmounted tires should be stored upright or stacked on top of one another. Never hang unmounted tires on hooks – the tires tend to sag. Tires on rims should be hung-up on tire hooks or stacked vertically. 

Pro Tip: Keep tires off the ground on a pallet, hook or shelf and rotate their positions monthly to prevent deformities. 

Whether you have a tire business and need some extra storage space or a family looking to store winter tires through the summer – our storage units or containers are dry, spacious and perfect for your tires!  

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