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Why Small Businesses Are Turning to Self Storage

In the ever-changing landscape of modern trading, small businesses need innovative solutions to survive and thrive. They need to optimise their operations, reduce overhead costs, and enhance their overall efficiency. 

One simple solution has gained remarkable traction with fantastic results — self storage. No longer just a personal convenience, self storage has become a vital resource for many small businesses. 

Today, budding startups and growing companies are turning to self storage to simplify operations, manage inventory, and expand without the strain of physical space limitations. Below, we discuss the benefits of these convenient storage spaces and how they are changing the game for small businesses. 

What Problems Do Small Businesses Face With Space?

A small business owner struggling with limited space in their offices
  • Limited Storage Capacity: Small businesses may need more storage space to house their inventory, supplies, equipment, and products. A lack of space can mean disorganisation, clutter, and difficulty locating critical items when they’re needed.
  • Workspace Congestion: Low workspace can hinder your employees’ productivity and collaboration. When employees are crammed into tight quarters, it can lead to distractions, reduced efficiency, and a less productive environment where creative thinking tends to bottle-neck and dry up.
  • Inventory Management Issues: Limited storage can make managing your inventory a logistical nightmare. Businesses might struggle to keep track of stock levels, leading to supply issues or overstocking, both of which can result in lost sales and poor customer satisfaction.
  • Expensive Commercial Space: Renting or purchasing commercial space in ideal locations can be costly for small businesses. High rental costs can eat into your budget, leaving less funds available for other critical business needs.
  • Lack of Flexibility: Traditional commercial leases often come with long-term commitments and limited flexibility that leave little wiggle room for adjusting to business needs. Small businesses might find themselves stuck with spaces that no longer meet their requirements due to growth, downsizing, or sudden changes in operations.
  • Compliance and Safety: Certain businesses have specific requirements for their workspace to meet safety, regulatory, and compliance standards. Space limitations can make it challenging for you as an owner to implement these necessary measures, possibly leading to legal issues.
  • Less Creative and Collaborative Spaces: Some businesses — especially those in creative industries — require spaces that can encourage creativity. A lack of collaborative spaces can hinder your much-needed brainstorming sessions, idea generation, and the development of new products or services.

How Can Self Storage Help Small Businesses?

A small business owner happily packing away their stock in a self storage unit for businesses.


For small businesses, handling operational costs is a headache-inducing challenge. Traditional commercial spaces often come with overhead expenses, such as rent, utilities, and maintenance. Self storage offers a cost-effective alternative by allowing your business to store its items in a secure and accessible space without dealing with too many financial worries. This budget-friendly choice will help you allocate resources more efficiently.

Flexibility & Scalability 

The ebb and flow of business demand can be unpredictable, making it essential for small enterprises to go with flexible choices. Self storage facilities allow businesses to adjust their storage needs to any seasonal fluctuations, market trends, or sudden emergencies. 

Self storage units provide the scalability that small businesses need to survive dynamic marketplace changes, whether it’s a short-term storage during peak seasons or a long-term solution for excess inventory.

Inventory Management 

Efficient inventory management lies at the heart of every successful business. Storing inventory can quickly become a challenge, especially for small businesses  working in limited spaces. Self storage facilities provide extra space for storing inventory, preventing clutter in the workspace and helping with organisation. 

Security & Accessibility 

Every small business will have security worries, especially when it comes to storing valuable assets. Modern self storage facilities will offer features such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and on-site personnel to give you peace of mind and maximum protection for your goods. 

Reducing Clutter 

A cluttered workspace can stop your productivity in its tracks and put a real damper on the creative process. Self storage units provide an off-site solution for storing non-essential items in order to free up valuable workspace for other business activities. 

Transitioning to E-Commerce 

E-commerce offers fantastic growth opportunities (something we all learned during the pandemic). With this transformation, many small businesses have had to rethink their operational strategies. A self storage unit can serve as a distribution point for businesses that mainly operate online. It provides a hub for storing inventory, packing materials, and fulfilling orders. 

How To Book a Business Self Storage Unit

Outside shot of a Wigwam self storage facility

Here’s how to reserve a Wigwam business storage unit:

  1. Choose your location
  2. Select a storage unit size using our practical space calculator
  3. After receiving your quote, complete the booking process online, via email or in store 
  4. Move in 

By embracing modern solutions, entrepreneurs can succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace. Wigwam’s secure business self storage facilities are conveniently located in Chipping Norton and Bromsgrove, with a variety of unit sizes for storing merchandise, palletised goods, office furniture and more. Get a price today, or reach out to our friendly team to learn more.

Is Bromsgrove a Good Place To Live? Guide to the Best of Bromsgrove

Wedged between the picturesque landscapes of Worcestershire, the town of Bromsgrove is full of character and charm. From stunning historic architecture to lively cultural scenes, Bromsgrove has captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Read on to discover the best of Bromsgrove and why this quaint town is (or isn’t) a good place to call home.

Why Do People Want To Live in Bromsgrove?

Stunning overview of the town of Bromsgrove

Rich History 

There are many reasons why people move to Bromsgrove. One of the most captivating aspects of Bromsgrove is its rich history. In the Middle Ages, Bromsgrove was a thriving hub of the wool trade. The village’s roots date back even further to Roman times, evident in its charming architecture and landmarks. 

Stroll through the town centre, and you’ll be transported to another era, encircled by Tudor-style buildings, cobbled streets, and ancient churches. The Bromsgrove Museum displays artefacts and exhibits that tell the story of the town’s past, allowing residents to connect with their heritage and visitors to appreciate the significance of their surroundings.

Natural Splendour 

Bromsgrove is a haven for nature lovers. The town is shrouded by lush countryside, rolling hills, and tranquil waterways that offer ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. 

Lickey Hills Country Park, with its panoramic views and winding trails, is a popular destination for residents seeking fresh air and a slice of serenity. The canal paths that crisscross the town provide a peaceful backdrop for leisurely walks and bike rides, allowing residents to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Tip: Check out Bromsgrove’s top golf courses boasting some of the most picturesque natural surroundings.

Thriving Arts and Culture Scene 

Despite its small town appeal, Bromsgrove has a vibrant arts and culture scene that rivals larger cities. The Artrix Arts Centre stands as a testament to the town’s commitment to creativity, hosting a diverse range of performances, exhibitions, and workshops. From live music and theatre productions to art galleries showcasing local talent, Bromsgrove offers an outlet for artistic expression like nowhere else. 

Strong Community Spirit

Neighbours greet each other with smiles, and local businesses are more than just commercial establishments; they’re integral parts of the town’s identity. Farmers’ markets, fairs, and community events like the annual Bromsgrove Carnival, provide plenty of opportunities for residents to come together, share stories, and forge lasting friendships. 

Must-See Attractions Around Bromsgrove

The town market taking place in Bromsgrove

Whether you’re a visitor passing through or a long-time resident, Bromsgrove has a myriad of sublime spots to enjoy the day away.

The Town Market 

The town market is an absolute must-see event that has been taking place here since 1200. It still remains a lively event, and is held in the Town Centre on High Street every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings 

Step back in time at the Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings, a unique open-air museum that preserves and displays a fascinating collection of historical buildings from various periods. From timber-framed cottages to a fully furnished Victorian prefab, the museum provides an immersive experience of British history and architecture. Visitors can explore the charming buildings and gardens, and learn about the stories that shaped the region.

Lickey Hills Country Park 

Lickey Hills Country Park is a haven of natural beauty. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and a variety of walking trails, picnic spots, and opportunities for wildlife spotting. The hills are covered in woodlands and grasslands, making it a picturesque escape for hikers, families, and nature enthusiasts.

Hanbury Hall and Gardens 

Just a short drive six miles out of town, you’ll find Hanbury Hall and Gardens. History and horticulture hold hands at Hanbury Hall, a superb National Trust property where meticulously landscaped gardens surround elegant Georgian houses. 

Stroll through the walled garden, orchards, and wilderness area, or explore the historic rooms inside the hall. Regular events, workshops, and exhibitions make it a lively destination year round.

Sanders Park

A favourite among locals and visitors alike, Sanders Park is a charming urban oasis offering a range of recreational facilities. With lush green spaces, a lake, children’s play areas, and sports facilities, it’s an excellent spot for a walk,  family picnic, or  friendly football game. The park also hosts community events and concerts during the warmer months.

Jinney Ring Craft Centre 

Experience the creativity and craftsmanship of the region at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre. This unique destination showcases local artisans’ work in a charming courtyard setting. Here, you can shop for handcrafted goods, observe artisans at work, and enjoy delicious homemade food at the on-site restaurant. 

The Best Places To Eat and Drink in Bromsgrove

A family digging into a delicious meal at a pub in Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove has plenty of country pubs, canal restaurants, and eateries to choose from. Here are some of the best: 

Little Ale House 

Bromsgrove’s first micro pub, the Little Ale House has seven rotating ales from various breweries. Real cider and perries are also available for those who aren’t big lovers of ale.

Casa Med 

Stop by this tapas bar and lounge for a shared meal with friends. Their most prominent dishes include marinated pork belly, fried Iberico chorizo, and aubergine fritters. Don’t overindulge before you’ve had the chance to try their famous churros for dessert!

The Nailers Arms 

Enjoy some fantastic hearty pub grub at the Nailers Arms! Tuck into steak or lasagne, or take your pick of the carvery, which is available seven days a week. Their specialty pudding is the treacle sponge pudding.

How Do People Travel Around Bromsgrove?

A couple taking the train through Bromsgrove

While Bromsgrove’s countryside charm might make it seem worlds away from the rush of urban life, it’s surprisingly well-connected. The town’s railway station offers direct links to Birmingham, making it a feasible option for commuters who work in the city but seek the tranquillity of a smaller community to return to at the end of the day. 

Bromsgrove is a mosaic of history, natural beauty, artistic expression, and a neighbourly spirit that comes together to create a truly wonderful place to live. Are you looking for a cost-effective self storage facility in Bromsgrove or convenient moving services? Look no further than Wigwam self storage; our wide range of Bromsgrove self storage units cater to both personal and business needs, providing the perfect space for your valuables.