Unlock the Secrets to Successful Home Buying in Chipping Norton

With its picturesque streets, stunning countryside and lively community, Chipping Norton is a highly sought-after location for homebuyers. However, navigating the local real estate market can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

In this guide, we’re going to share with you everything you need to know to successfully buy a home in Chipping Norton. From the best suburbs to live in to pro tips and tricks, we cover it all. 

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Why Buy a House in Chipping Norton?

Chipping Norton – a charming town in the Cotswolds that boasts stunning countryside, unique local amenities and exciting attractions. From cultural landmarks to outdoor activities, there is always something to see or do in this bustling town. Some of the areas main attractions are:

  • Chipping Norton Theatre: An intimate theater that hosts a variety of live performances, from plays to music and comedy shows.
  • Chipping Norton Museum: A small museum showcasing the history and culture of Chipping Norton.
  • Market Square: A bustling square with a weekly market, independent shops and cafes.
  • Rollright Stones: A prehistoric stone circle located just outside of Chipping Norton.
  • Cotswold Distillery: A local distillery that produces a range of spirits, including gin, whisky and vodka.

It’s a wonderful place to live if you love the great outdoors, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, including hiking, golfing and swimming. 

  • Walks/hikes: There are many scenic walking and hiking routes in and around Chipping Norton, including the Cotswold Way, the Oxfordshire Way and the Wychwood Way.
  • Cycling: The Cotswold countryside offers plenty of opportunities for cycling, with quiet country lanes and challenging hills.
  • Golf: Chipping Norton has a popular golf course, located just outside the town, offering 18 holes and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Horse riding: The area around Chipping Norton is home to several equestrian centres and riding schools, offering lessons and guided rides through the countryside.
  • Fishing: There are several fishing lakes and rivers in the Chipping Norton area, offering opportunities to catch a variety of fish, including carp, trout and pike.

The Best Suburbs in Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton is a hidden gem in the heart of Oxfordshire, offering a charming and peaceful countryside lifestyle while still being close to all the amenities and conveniences of a larger town. Despite its small size, Chipping Norton is home to several distinct suburbs and neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. A few examples include:

  • Churchill: A popular suburb perfect for families, with spacious homes and plenty of green spaces for children to play. 
  • Glyme Close: A newer development that is ideal for young professionals or couples, offering modern and stylish apartments. 
  • Enstone Road: A tranquil and leafy suburb that is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 
  • Drummond Road: A picturesque neighborhood with a mix of traditional stone cottages and modern homes. 
  • Spring Street: A charming and historic neighborhood that is popular with those who appreciate period architecture and quaint country charm. 

The Property Market in Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton’s real estate market is indeed a competitive and dynamic one, making it one of the most sought-after locations in Oxfordshire. With an ever-increasing demand for housing, it’s not surprising that properties in the area sell at a rapid pace, with many homes receiving multiple offers in a matter of days.

The market is particularly attractive to first-time buyers and families who are seeking a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle in a beautiful location. However, with the high demand, the cost of homes can be on the higher side, making it a challenging area for those on a tight budget.

If you’re thinking of buying in Chipping Norton, it’s essential to work with an experienced local estate agent. A knowledgeable agent can help navigate the nuances and provide insights into the neighborhoods and suburbs. Additionally, it can save you time and money. Agents advise you on factors such as the right time to buy and what type of properties are best suited for your needs. 

With their expertise and industry connections, an agent can give you an edge in the competitive real estate market, and help you secure your dream home in this idyllic location.

Tips and Tricks for Chipping Norton Homebuyers

Buying a home can be complex and sometimes overwhelming.To help make the process smoother and ensure you find the right property for your needs, there are several tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Search early: As mentioned, homes in Chipping Norton can sell fast, so it’s important to start searching early and be ready to move quickly when you find a property you like.
  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can help you narrow down your search to homes that are within your budget, and it can also give you an advantage when making an offer on a property.
  • Be flexible: If you’re set on a particular neighbourhood or type of property, you may find yourself competing with other buyers. Being flexible and open to different options can help you find the right home without getting into a bidding war.

Cost of Living in Chipping Norton?

When it comes to the cost of living, Chipping Norton is known to be on the higher end. Groceries and other basic necessities tend to be a bit more expensive than in other parts of the UK. 

However, the city boasts an excellent quality of life, thanks to its abundance of green spaces, great schools and a thriving cultural scene. The benefits of living in this charming town are well worth it!

The Average Cost of Purchasing a House in Chipping Norton

When it comes to housing, the cost can vary depending on the size and type of property you’re looking for. The average cost of a two-bedroom house in the area is around £250,000, while a three-bedroom house can run up to £400,000. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, apartments and flats in the area tend to range from £150,000 to £250,000. 

Affordable Areas to Live in Chipping Norton

Once considered a bustling “working town”, Chipping Norton has seen a recent decline in the number of residents who both live and work in the area. In fact, since 2001, this figure has dropped significantly from 50% to a mere 36%. While property prices in Chipping Norton may be on the higher end, there are still some affordable neighbourhoods to consider. 

  • Over Norton offers a mix of traditional and modern housing options, as well as easy access to the town centre. 
  • Village of Salford has a strong sense of community and plenty of green spaces. 
  • Banbury and Witney also offer more affordable housing options while still providing access to Chipping Norton’s amenities and attractions.

The following surrounding areas also offer affordable alternatives:

  • Churchill
  • Enstone
  • Kingham
  • Charlbury
  • Bledington
  • Shipton-under-Wychwood
  • Great Rollright

These areas offer a range of housing options, from apartments to townhouses and detached homes, making them accessible to a variety of budgets.

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So there you have it! A complete guide to buying a house in Chipping Norton, UK. Remember, the process may be a bit daunting, but with the right agent, the right mindset and the right cup of tea, you’ll be settling into your new home in no time.

And remember to make your move an enjoyable and stress-free experience with the help of Wigwam Self Storage! Our knowledgeable staff and efficient systems ensure buying a home in Chipping Norton or your surroundings will not only feel simpler but also rewarding and exciting. 

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Don’t Rent More Than You Need: How to Determine the Perfect Storage Unit Size

Are you looking for a secure and organised way to store your belongings? Renting a storage unit is the perfect solution! But with so many different sizes available, finding the right one can be tricky. To simplify this process and help you make an informed decision when selecting a unit, we’ve created our ultimate size guide. 

Our resource includes valuable tips on assessing space requirements and optimising storage – ensuring that all of your items are kept safe while maximising the capacity of any unit size. 

Ease into organising with our helpful guide today.

Assessing Your Needs

Before you start browsing different unit sizes, it’s essential to create a list of all the belongings you need to store and measure their dimensions. This will provide you with an accurate estimate of how much space you’ll require, ensuring you don’t rent a unit too big or too small. 

By creating a detailed inventory, you can also ensure that your belongings are organised and easily accessible, minimising the chances of damage and confusion when retrieving them.

Pro Tip: If you’re storing furniture, make sure to disassemble it before moving it into your storage unit. This will help you save space and keep your items in better condition.

Choose the Right Storage Unit Size

10 sq. ft. Storage Unit

10 sq. ft unit is perfect for storing small items or a few boxes, such as seasonal clothing, holiday decorations or important documents.  

  • Students: this size is perfect for storing dorm room essentials over the holidays. 
  • Small business owners: this size is perfect for storing inventory, supplies or equipment. 
  • Decluttering your home: this size can help you store those sentimental items you’re not quite ready to part with but don’t have space for in your home.

Pro Tip: Stack your boxes to make the most of your vertical space. Use shelving units to help keep everything organised and accessible.

25 sq. ft. Storage Unit

This size can accommodate larger items, such as bicycles or small furniture items and can fit several medium-sized boxes. 

  • You can store a twin-sized mattress, bed frame, desk, chair and a few boxes in this unit. 
  • If you’re a small business owner, you can store additional inventory, supplies or files. 
  • You can store seasonal equipment, like lawnmowers and gardening tools, during the off-season.

Pro Tip: Use bubble wrap or moving blankets to protect your furniture from scratches or damage during transport and storage.

50 sq. ft. Storage Unit

When it comes to storing larger items like sofas, chairs or mattresses, a 50 sq. ft. unit is an excellent option. This size is also suitable for storing appliances like refrigerators or washing machines. 

  • If you’re moving to a new home, you can store the contents of a small apartment or a few large items from a larger home. 
  • You can store a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a couch and a few boxes. 
  • Small business owners can store large inventory items, like display cases or merchandise racks. 
  • Additionally, this unit size is perfect for storing a vehicle, like a motorcycle or ATV.

Pro Tip: Use a furniture dolly or a truck to move heavy items. This will make the process much easier and safer for you and your belongings.

75 sq. ft. Storage Unit

This size can store the contents of a small apartment, including large furniture pieces like couches, tables, appliances and several boxes. 

  • Small business owners can store additional inventory, supplies or office equipment. 
  • Homeowners can store a queen-sized bed, a dining table set, a refrigerator, a washer and dryer and around 30 medium-sized boxes. 

Pro Tip: Label all of your boxes with the contents and room they belong in. This will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for when needed.

100 sq. ft. Storage Unit

When you have a lot of furniture or a significant collection of items, a 100 sq. ft. unit provides ample storage space. This size can store a full bedroom set, including a king-size bed, dressers, nightstands and several boxes. 

  • Suitable for storing large items like sectional couches, dining room sets or pianos. 
  • Perfect for homeowners who need to store the contents of a small home or apartment. 
  • Perfect for small business owners who need additional space for inventory or equipment.
  • You can also use this size unit to store a vehicle, like a car or a small boat, with some extra space for additional boxes or smaller items.

Pro Tip: Use vacuum-sealed bags to compress items like comforters and pillows. This will help you save space and keep your items fresh and clean.

150 sq. ft. Storage Unit and Larger

This size can comfortably accommodate: 

  • Large homes or offices that require space for furniture, appliances and equipment. 
  • A whole-house inventory; multiple rooms of furniture, appliances and collections. 
  • Small business owners who need extra space for their inventory, tools and equipment.

Pro Tip: Store your vehicle on jack stands to relieve the weight on the tires. This will help prolong the life of your tires and prevent flat spots.

Container Storage

Storage containers are a secure and viable alternative to traditional indoor storage units and can be used whether you require a personal or business storage solution. They are perfect for:

  • Storing furniture during a large house move.
  • Protecting costly items while downsizing.
  • Serving as a secure workshop space for entrepreneurs.
  • Storing costly equipment and tools.
  • Protecting and storing excess business inventory or office supplies.

Pro Tip: Outdoor containers also often offer drive-up access, allowing you to easily load goods from your car into the unit.

Wigwam’s Size Guide/ Space Calculator

At Wigwam Self Storage, we understand that choosing the right storage unit size can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created a handy space calculator to make it easier for you. 

By simply entering the items you plan to store, we’ll give you an estimate of the unit size that is suitable for your needs. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to measure the height of your items as well as their width and depth to ensure that you select a storage unit with adequate vertical space.


Looking for a storage unit to suit your needs? At Wigwam Self Storage our experts will help you find the right fit! From 10 sq. ft. up to 150 sq. ft. and beyond, we offer expansive storage solutions tailored just for you. Get started today by exploring our convenient online space calculator tool – it’s never been easier to start storing smarter!