The best ways to organise a child’s playroom  

If you’re like most parents, you want to give your children a playroom that is fun, creative and functional. However, organising a child’s playroom can be tricky, especially when working with a small avalanche of tiny action figures, lost puzzle pieces, feet-destroying Lego and more.  

Begin by decluttering and removing broken toys or donating ones they’ve long outgrown. Once you’re left with the best, try these hacks to organise your child’s playroom. 

Clear bins for toys  

When children are on the hunt for a specific toy, tipping out all containers is normally their go-to. However, with clear bins and containers, your children will be able to see straight through and grab what they want without causing an explosion of toys all over the place. 

Designate shelving  

Parents are well-aware of toys their children favour. Consider designating a shelf for favourite toys only. This way, your children know exactly where to find their cherished items, and they’ll have an easier pack-up process when the clock hits bedtime.  

Book storage  

If you don’t have the space for a full bookshelf or can’t install shelves as a renter, consider using book bins. Place them on a low level or the floor for easy access, allowing children to pack books away neatly at the end of the day. 

Organise by colour  

Consider organising items by colour – a favourite strategy of the famous Home Edit duo. It not only makes it easier for children to identify what they’re looking for, but children will use the colour system to put toys back where they found them.   

Play clean-up games 

From ‘pick-up by colour’ games to ‘how fast can they clean-up’, make clean-up time fun. Now, you get to have fun watching instead of doing, as your children laugh and race their siblings to the finish line. Kids are smart, but they’ll fall for it at least a few times before catching on. 

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Tips to improve a bathroom without renovating it  

There’s no doubt that a well-done bathroom renovation can add significant value to your home. However, there are also plenty of ways to improve your bathroom without spending a fortune.  
In this blog post, we unpack a few tips on how to do just that. Whether you’re looking to make a few small changes or completely redesign your space, read on for some inspiration.  

Paint the bathtub and shower  

Replacing bathtubs and showers is pricey and not always an option. Thankfully there are paints specifically designed to coat discoloured or stained baths and showers. Make sure to research online or visit your local hardware store expert for guidance before taking on this task.  

Bathroom greenery  

Plants are the perfect accessory to add warmth to sterile areas such as the bathroom. From hanging fresh eucalyptus and lavender over the showerhead to a small plant on the vanity or a large one in the corner, use plants to boost the look and feel of your cold bathroom.  

Peel and stick tiles  

Upgrade your bathroom floor in no time with peel-and-stick tiles. The perfect solution for renters and homeowners, these stick-on beauties come in a wide range of patterns, colours and styles, are easy to apply and just as easy to remove with a bit of heat from a hairdryer or heater.  

Basic vanity upgrades  

You can upgrade your vanity with a simple coat of paint or get creative with a few decorative pre-cut panels that you can peel and stick straight on. Can’t decide between the two? Try both and give your vanity a fresh and expensive new look!  

Dress-up water pipes  

Yes, you read that right. Water pipes are often an unattractive bathroom reality. Use colourful or plain rope and wrap it around visible pipes to dress them up. Consider matching the rope colour to your freshly-painted vanity and enjoy this low-cost and uplifting bathroom style tip.  

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Top family-friendly activities to do this Halloween in Bromsgrove  

As Halloween fast approaches, spooky season is in full swing bringing with it a selection of spine-chilling and fun activities. From trick or treating at a haunted house to enjoying a chilly evening fireside listening to thrilling ghost stories, here are a few of the top family-friendly activities to do this Halloween in Bromsgrove. 

Tip: Wondering if Bromsgrove is the ideal place for you and your family? See our article on living in Bromsgrove.

Ascarium: Tricks & Treats 

The Birmingham Aquarium boasts a Halloween event perfect for younger children. Taking place from 15 – 31 October, little ones can meet the famous Sea Witch and Warlock before taking part in an exciting treasure hunt. Get ready for an entire day of fun just 30 minutes from Bromsgrove.  

Book your tickets for Ascarium: Tricks & Treats here.  

Attwell Farm Halloween Spooktacular 

From PYO pumpkin and carving to a ghastly ghost hunt, a haunted house, a cursed pirate ride aboard the Black Pearl, and more, Atwell Farm Park is going all out for an unforgettable Halloween experience for kids taking place from 22 – 30 October. Be sure to book your tickets to avoid disappointment!  

Book your tickets for Attwell Farm’s Halloween Spooktacular here

Torchlit Pumpkin walk  

If your little ones enjoy torchlit walks, spooky crafts, roasting marshmallows and listening to ghost stories around a campfire, take a trip to the Bodenham Arboretum, a quick 25-minute drive outside Bromsgrove. Tickets are limited, so book to secure your spot! 

Book your tickets for Bodenham Arboretum’s Pumpkin Walk here

The Haunted House!  

Taking place on 31 October from 7 – 10 pm, you and your little ghouls can wind through the Haunted House supporting the Royal British Legion located in B60 2, Bromsgrove. Beware their warning: “Come here if you dare. We won’t haunt you, we swear, but beware, our home may give you a Halloween SCARE!” 

Confirm your attendance on The Haunted House Facebook page here.  

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The best no-fuss meals for student living 

Student life is an exciting new adventure where you’re out in the world and learning new things. One lesson is taking charge of your health and nutrition and not relying on takeout as much as possible. However, if cooking is not your forte, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of the best no-fuss meals for student living. 

Lo Mein 

Perfect with beef, chicken or just veggies, this no-fuss meal only takes 20 minutes and two pots to whip up. Infused with delicious Asian flavours, the main ingredients you’ll need are lo mein or spaghetti noodles, your protein of choice, soy sauce, hoisin sauce and sesame oil.  

Get the full recipe here 

Pasta Bake 

All you’ll need for this easy dish is your preferred pasta and tinned or fresh tomatoes for the base. Then it’s time to get creative with your favourite veg, herbs, protein and creme fraiche for a lovely texture. It’s also easy to make for a group of friends or if you’re meal prepping for the week ahead.  


With premixed curry paste and some coconut milk, you can whip up an easy and tasty curry – Thai green or red curry paste is especially popular. Remember that chicken thighs are cheaper and more flavourful than breast meat if you’re going for a meat option, otherwise potatoes, chickpeas and rice are all great substitutes.  


With a pack of tortillas, cheese, veggies and your protein of choice (optional), this flavour-packed meal can be ready in less than 30 minutes. Layer your chosen filling on a tortilla, add cheese and top with another tortilla. Dry fry in a pan until golden and the cheese has melted (about 5 minutes), and voila!  

For Jamie Oliver’s famous veggie quesadilla recipe, click here 


Soups are not only easy to throw together in a hurry but they’re packed with flavour and nutrients whether you prefer veggies or love a hearty meaty soup. Additionally, they require minimal clean up and are a great way to use leftover ingredients before they go bad. 

Get a wide range of soup recipes here 

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Top student hangout spots in Chipping Norton

If you’re looking for a break from the library, lectures and assignment deadlines, we can help. If you’re interested in somewhere new to enjoy a bite to eat or just want to find new places to relax and socialise, Chipping Norton has plenty to offer.  

From charming bookshop cafés to classic pubs, here are some of the best student hangouts in Chipping Norton. Change out of your pyjamas, run a brush through your hair and get out there! 

Middle Barton Sports and Social Club  

If you’re a sports fan, there’s no better place to relax after a long day of classes than at Middle Barton Sports and Social Club situated on Worton Road. Whether joining their weekly pool league or simply enjoying a pint with friends, you’ll be in good hands.  

The Chipping Norton Theatre  

The Chippy Theatre and Cinema – first built in 1888 as a Salvation Army citadel – is the ideal student hangout spot, offering a mixture of theatre, arthouse cinema, music, comedy and dance. From a rainy afternoon to a fun night out, the Chippy Theatre is the place to be.   

Jaffé and Neale Bookshop and Café  

Is there any better place to enjoy a chilly autumn day than a cosy bookshop? Of course not! Situated in Market Square, this charming independent bookstore is a dream for literary students. Pop in for a slice of cake, a delicious coffee or hot chocolate, and fuel your body and mind.  

The Red Lion  

The Fox’s Red Lion pub is a Chippy institution dating back to 1684 and well-loved as the smallest pub in town. With an enclosed beer garden, a traditional pub menu and a relaxed vibe, this laidback pub may become your favourite spot for a well-deserved study break. Take your laptop along for some light reading while you grab a bite to eat.  

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