Document Storage: What Is It and When Do You Need It?

We live in the information age. Important papers pile up quickly, from photos and medical records to contracts and tax documents. But with growing piles of paper comes great responsibility — and by that, we mean the responsibility to store them properly.

So what exactly is document storage? At its core, it refers to providing safe spaces specifically for important paperwork. This is different from other storage in that environmental and accessibility factors become much more important. After all, what good is storing something if you damage it or can’t access it when needed?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about document storage and the best ways to arrange it for your personal or business needs.

What Is Document Storage?

A businesswoman going through various files in a storage box

Document storage goes beyond merely hoarding papers in a drawer or filing cabinet. It’s a systematic approach to safeguarding your essential records, whether they’re financial documents, legal papers, or sentimental keepsakes. It’s basically a specialised fort for your paperwork, where each document has its own designated spot and is shielded from harmful elements.

How Does It Work? 

The process is surprisingly straightforward. You gather your documents, entrust them to the experts at a secure document storage facility, and voilà, your files are in safe hands. 

These self storage facilities employ cutting-edge security measures, from surveillance systems to fire prevention, to make sure that your documents remain in mint condition.

Which Documents Should You Store?

Various files and papers neatly piled on a table

When we think “important documents”, the mind typically jumps to things like:

  • Legal contracts
  • Tax returns
  • Property records
  • Medical history paperwork

And while these definitely fall within the document family, many other paper goods also require specialised care, including:

  • Old photographs
  • Awards, degrees, and certificates
  • Manuscripts and other written works
  • Vital records like birth and death certificates

If it’s printed on paper and should be preserved long term, it qualifies!

Warning Signs You Need Document Storage

A cluttered office desk filled with piles of papers

  1. Overflowing Office Space: If the desks in your office are disappearing under mountains of documents, it might be time to consider document storage. Clearing the clutter not only creates a more organised workspace but also boosts productivity.
  2. Data Security Concerns: Some documents require extra protection against theft or unauthorised access. Document storage facilities offer top-notch security features, including 24/7 surveillance and restricted access, guaranteeing your sensitive information stays confidential.
  3. Compliance and Regulations: Certain industries are bound by strict regulations regarding their documents. Non-compliance can lead to legal troubles and hefty fines. Document storage service facilities are well-versed in these regulations, and can help you stay on the right side of the law while keeping your documents accessible when needed.
  4. Business Growth Pains: With growth comes an influx of paperwork. Instead of drowning in an ocean of documents, use document storage to keep everything organised. It’s a proactive step to adapt to expansion without sacrificing your efficiency.
  5. Preserving Precious Memories: Not all documents are boring legalities or financial reports. Some are filled with memories — old letters, photographs, and mementoes that tell the story of your life. Document storage provides a safe space for these irreplaceable treasures, protecting them from the ravages of time.

How Document Storage Differs From Traditional Storage Spaces

So, what makes document storage unique compared to storing everyday boxes and furniture? Two key things set it apart:

Environmental Protection 

Since documents can quickly degrade or be damaged, storage facilities that offer archive services need to regulate light, humidity, and temperature. Excess moisture causes mildew and mould growth, which can corrupt paper. Heat and UV light also speed up deterioration over time.

Easy Accessibility 

Unlike storing a seasonal closet of clothes, you often need specific documents at a moment’s notice. So self storage spaces tailored for storing paperwork keep them conveniently accessible. This allows you to quickly reference anything from past tax returns to property sale records.

Best Place for Document Storage

A Wigwam Self Storage facility

Now that you’re on board with document storage, you’ll want to look for the best (while still affordable) option. Here are a few reasons why Wigwam is your best choice:

  • Wigwam Self Storage takes security seriously. Our facilities are equipped with advanced surveillance systems, access controls, and fire prevention methods to provide the utmost protection for your documents.
  • Whether you have a few documents or an entire archive, we offer flexible storage solutions. We’ve dealt with all types of document storage, from small businesses to large corporations.
  • We understand that accessibility is critical. Our user-friendly websites, professional staff, and easily accessible locations make it a breeze to retrieve your documents whenever you need them, saving you time and effort.

Outsourcing your document storage needs to Wigwam Storage is not just a smart move for your peace of mind; it’s also a cost-effective solution. Say goodbye to the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house storage system! From heirloom photos to medical histories, our specialised self storage units offer a TLC that typical storage spaces can’t provide. 

Get in contact with us today to start the process of preserving your precious papers!

Self Storage for Digital Nomads

The remote work revolution has led to a growing community worldwide: digital nomads. Are you one of these laptop-lugging travellers who traverse the globe while managing their work-life through Wi-Fi and video calls? Lucky you! But what happens to all your stuff while on the road? How do you keep your home life stable and your travels hassle-free?

That’s where self storage comes in. We’ll be discussing the reasons digital nomads need self storage, its various benefits, what to look out for in a self storage facility, and where to find the best deals.

Do Digital Nomads Need Self Storage?

A digital nomad looking something up on their laptop

When you picture a digital nomad journeying through Europe with nothing but a backpack and a smile, self storage seems like an unnecessary luxury. Can’t you and all these minimalist wanderers fit their whole life into a carry-on? 

Not always. Many nomads still have possessions, furniture, and other assets back home that don’t make sense to sell or drag around the world.

Self storage offers the perfect in-between for digital nomads who want to travel light but still have a place to land when they return. Storing your larger items also allows flexibility if you want to settle down in a new place without buying a bunch of new stuff immediately. And what about all those trinkets and souvenirs picked up on the road? Extra luggage fees can add up fast! 

Self storage gives travellers returning home a place to unpack their boxes of travel souvenirs. Digital nomads need storage solutions just like any other home-living resident.

What Types of Digital Nomads Would Benefit From Self Storage?

A digital nomad working while staying in a beautiful country

Which digital nomad jobs will most likely make self storage worth the extra cost? Here are a few fields that drive a lot of gear and equipment storage needs:

Content Creators 

Photographers, videographers, and bloggers haul props, camera equipment, lighting, and more around the world to capture engaging content. Self storage provides them with a secure stash for precious photography and video gear between trips back home.

Online Instructors 

Virtual teachers, tutors, and lesson coordinators have lots of specialty books, learning tools, props, instruments, and electronics that need to be securely stored when bouncing between destinations. Keeping curriculum supplies and teaching aids safe eases your stress while travelling.

Software Developers 

Contracted software engineers who collaborate with companies often keep sensitive technical equipment and files that need safe storage solutions with limited access. Their focus will be on protecting IP and hardware from getting damaged or lost while they are overseas.

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs 

As an online seller, you’ll need to manage vast product and inventory stores that can easily go well over your limited space when travelling abroad. Self storage lets you keep merchandise shippable and your sales fluid while reducing the carrying costs of huge shifting global inventories.

How Self Storage Benefits Digital Nomads

A remote worker storing stuff away in boxes for self storage

The transient lifestyle of digital nomads pairs nicely with the flexibility of self storage. Here are some perks self storage offers to any travelling remote workers:


Knowing your stuff is safe and secure back home will let you sleep at night when you’re constantly in motion. Storage units give digital nomads one less thing to worry about while adventuring abroad.


Reputable self storage companies make accessing your unit easy enough during return visits home. Whether you’re back for the holidays or just need to swap out seasonal clothes, the easy access to self storage puts your stuff conveniently within reach whenever you need it.


With flexible contracts, adjustable storage unit sizes, and easy-pay methods, self storage allows you to scale storage up or down depending on travel plans rather than lose money on unused rooms and closets back home. Self storage provides a budget-friendly way to hold onto important possessions without the ongoing costs of property taxes, rent, or mortgages.


Have you seen those baggage carousels spit out the battered remains of once-treasured souvenirs and family heirlooms? Self storage lets travellers keep their precious possessions safe however long their digital nomad lifestyle goes on, without harming their belongings.

What To Look Out for in Self Storage as a Digital Nomad

While self storage offers lots of perks for digital nomads, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind when picking the right storage solution:

  1. Clean Units: Protecting leather goods, electronics, wood furniture, and other environmentally sensitive items is a must. Look for indoor, well-maintained units to prevent any damage while you’re gone.
  2. Security Features: Make sure your facility has solid security protocols like alarms, video surveillance, and on-site staff members. Make sure you make it clear who can access your unit.
  3. Easily Accessible Locations: Accessibility can make or break a solid storage solution for your transient lifestyle. Unlike the average tenant renting storage nearby while settling down in place, digital nomads won’t necessarily be in the same area or country every time they need to access their unit. You should look for facilities that offer storage at locations convenient to major transit hubs, shipping carriers, and airports whenever possible. 
  4. Good Insurance Policies: Make sure you understand any insurance options in case of theft, fire, flood or damage. Storage companies generally allow you to purchase various levels of insurance tailored to the value of your belongings stored. 

The Best Self Storage Facility for Digital Nomads

A Wigwam self storage facility

For digital nomads seeking secure, convenient storage on the move, Wigwam Self Storage has flexible and affordable storage solutions to meet your roaming lifestyle needs.

Let us handle your possessions, freeing you to focus on life’s journeys without worrying about the stuff left behind. Wherever the digital nomad lifestyle takes you, we’ll be back home taking care of your beloved belongings!

Get your hassle-free quote today.

10 Side Hustles To Kickstart 2024

The new year is the perfect time to take stock of your finances and look for ways to boost your income through new side hustles in 2024. Launching a side hustle can give your budget some breathing room, even if you already have a steady job. It can also help you pursue a passion or save more, a goal we’ve all been working towards! In 2024, taking on a well-matched side gig is easier and more profitable than ever. This guide will look through some of the best and most accessible side hustles to launch in the next year.

10 Side Hustles To Level Up Your Income in 2024

1) Driving for a Rideshare App

Working for Uber in 2024

Driving for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft is a popular way for you to earn extra cash while fitting into your busy schedule. You simply turn on the app when you want to start accepting ride requests in your area. This lets you set your own hours and choose how often you drive.

In some major cities, drivers can earn over £16.20 per hour on average. To get started, you’ll need a working car, a valid driver’s licence and insurance, and to pass a basic background check. 

While managing ride requests takes some getting used to, this is an accessible option for anyone with a decent vehicle and more free hours than they know what to do with. Bonus points if you enjoy driving and chatting with strangers!

2) Renting Out Your Living Space

Man renting out his living space as a side hustle for 2024

Home-sharing platforms like Airbnb make it easy to rent out your extra living space to earn cash. You could convert a spare bedroom into a comfortable guest suite or list that granny flat on the property. You set your own rates, house rules, and availability calendar based on what works for your schedule.

Research local rates so you price spaces competitively, but keep in mind you may be able to charge more for fancy amenities like luxury bedding and homemade breakfast as part of the offer. 

While managing check-ins does take some coordination, home sharing is hugely popular for the be-your-own-boss dynamic and brings in anything from a few hundred pounds to over £1,000 per month!

3) Monetising a Passion or Hobby

Woman working from home for her hobby that makes money

Turning something you love into a lucrative hustle can be hugely rewarding. Crafty side gigs like selling homemade jewellery, paintings, candles, clothing prints, or baked goods can take off once you build a following on social media or become popular enough at local craft fairs and markets. You can offer lessons in music, tennis, golf, academic subjects, cooking, yoga, or even hula hooping to leverage your expertise, all while letting you set the schedule.

Freelance photography, styling work for Airbnb hosts, event planning, makeup artistry for local brides, and other creative hobbies can also grow into excellent side incomes once your reputation spreads. Be sure to calculate costs for any materials, equipment, transportation, and other expenses so you still end up with a profit. Staying active on neighbourhood Facebook groups is a great way to find new customers. 

4) Becoming a Content Creator

Man working on content creation as a side business

The barriers to building your own online audience and bringing in cash have never been lower. On platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, people can launch channels from their living rooms online. 

While it does take serious commitment and consistency to build a channel, sites reward creators once viewership and sales begin to grow. You may start slowly but quickly ramp up to several thousand pounds through ad revenue shares, affiliate marketing, digital products, and direct support from fans. 

Make sure to invest upfront in high-quality video and photography equipment to make the best impression. But otherwise, start sharing what makes you unique and see where this new side hustle takes you!

5) Virtual Assistant Gigs

Woman working as a virtual assistant

For anyone well-versed in administrative tasks, freelancing as a virtual assistant to other small business owners and busy professionals can pay quite handsomely. Your tasks will likely include:

  • Email and calendar management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Client communications
  • Event planning support
  • Creating presentation decks and other marketing materials
  • Managing social media
  • Writing
  • Graphic design

While breaking into the field, you will need to build relevant experience or get certified in speciality skills, but this gig offers immense flexibility. Typical earners make £10–£15 per hour, but rates can go far higher with niche expertise, especially when assisting high-powered clientele like authors, venture capitalists, and medical professionals. Use sites like Upwork and Fiverr to start gathering great client testimonials and expand your opportunities.

6) E-Commerce Side Business

Man owning his own E-commerce side business in 2024

Launching your own little e-commerce storefront is easy-peasy these days. Whether you sell homemade knitted goods, import special spices from around the world, curate cute baby toys from major retailers, or even print custom pet portraits, you can make £750–£3000+ in monthly side income from your online store.

You will need an inventory source, product photography, Shopify or Wix online storefront, and patience to manage shipping and marketing, but this hustle lets you set everything on your terms. 

Start slowly fulfilling orders during nights and weekends while you figure out what the demand is. And if the data shows your niche is profitable over time…this could grow into a thriving main income stream!

7) Remote Customer Support

Woman working in a customer support role as a side hustle

If you’re looking for consistent part-time work from home or customer support roles, companies are always looking to hire remote workers. While the base pay (usually around £14 per hour) is moderate, the ability to shape your schedule weekly and pick up extra hours once trained makes this an ideal setup.

Keep in mind that this is a customer-facing role that requires strong written and verbal communication skills, a quiet home office, high-speed internet, and the ability to meet company goals like call times and satisfaction scores.

8) Walking Dogs or Pet-Sitting

Dog walker walking dogs as a side business

All you animal lovers can howl with delight! Signing up as a dog walker or sitter on apps like My Pet Walker, Rover, and Go Walkies only takes minutes but unlocks entertaining and fairly lucrative local gigs. 

Expect to earn roughly £13.50 for an hour-long dog walk, and £20–£25 per overnight stay. While each booking does take extra coordination with pet parents on specifics, your regulars can turn into easy repeat bookings each week.

To get started, create your profile highlighting any special skills you have, like administering medicine or handling anxious pups. Get reviews under your belt by discounting initial services if needed before increasing rates. 

Once you have happy pups and owners on board, filling your calendar won’t be a problem. If you’re looking for routine and snuggle time outside the rigid day job, caring for fur babies in your neighbourhood hits the spot nicely!

9) Sharing Economy Rentals

Woman renting out her economy rentals

In the same vein as short-term space rentals and ridesharing, peer-to-peer platforms make renting out just about anything collecting dust in your home easy. 

List a spare vehicle or bike when you’re not using it, a specialised camera, tools like pressure washers or ladders, or even fancy clothing items on sites like Fat Llama. You set your own availability times and adjust the daily pricing while the platform handles logistics like scheduling, payments, and security deposits.

10) Online Surveys and Testing

Woman doing online surveys to make some extra money on the side

When you want to make extra cash while lying low at home, sites like Life Swagbucks and i-Say offer all kinds of paid opportunities. You can test new product concepts and designs, sample products from major brands, take surveys sharing your shopping habits and profile data, complete academic studies helping universities with research, watch videos, download apps, complete tutorial offers, and even play games!

Self Storage for Your Side Hustles in 2024

As you begin ramping up a side hustle, having access to secure and affordable storage can make all the difference. Most blossoming hustles need inventory storage, a workspace for product photography, and extra room to organise those pesky business operations outside your living area. That’s where self storage providers like Wigwam Self Storage come in!

Wigwam Self Storage offers drive-up and ground-floor access units, which make hauling business inventory simple at any hour. Our on-site features allow you to craft and package orders right from your unit. Meanwhile, your precious stuff stays protected behind our modern security alarms and video surveillance.

Why Store With Us? 

Wigwam is your trusted business storage solution! From our wide variety of unit sizes to our secure, safe, and ultra-modern facility, we offer affordable and flexible storage solutions that work for all kinds of business owners. Some perks include:

  • Secure units with 24-hour CCTV monitoring
  • Quick and easy-to-access location
  • Packaging materials and padlocks for sale
  • 24-hour access (available on request), seven days a week

Lets chat today about the best way to jumpstart your side hustle!

Why Small Businesses Are Turning to Self Storage

In the ever-changing landscape of modern trading, small businesses need innovative solutions to survive and thrive. They need to optimise their operations, reduce overhead costs, and enhance their overall efficiency. 

One simple solution has gained remarkable traction with fantastic results — self storage. No longer just a personal convenience, self storage has become a vital resource for many small businesses. 

Today, budding startups and growing companies are turning to self storage to simplify operations, manage inventory, and expand without the strain of physical space limitations. Below, we discuss the benefits of these convenient storage spaces and how they are changing the game for small businesses. 

What Problems Do Small Businesses Face With Space?

A small business owner struggling with limited space in their offices
  • Limited Storage Capacity: Small businesses may need more storage space to house their inventory, supplies, equipment, and products. A lack of space can mean disorganisation, clutter, and difficulty locating critical items when they’re needed.
  • Workspace Congestion: Low workspace can hinder your employees’ productivity and collaboration. When employees are crammed into tight quarters, it can lead to distractions, reduced efficiency, and a less productive environment where creative thinking tends to bottle-neck and dry up.
  • Inventory Management Issues: Limited storage can make managing your inventory a logistical nightmare. Businesses might struggle to keep track of stock levels, leading to supply issues or overstocking, both of which can result in lost sales and poor customer satisfaction.
  • Expensive Commercial Space: Renting or purchasing commercial space in ideal locations can be costly for small businesses. High rental costs can eat into your budget, leaving less funds available for other critical business needs.
  • Lack of Flexibility: Traditional commercial leases often come with long-term commitments and limited flexibility that leave little wiggle room for adjusting to business needs. Small businesses might find themselves stuck with spaces that no longer meet their requirements due to growth, downsizing, or sudden changes in operations.
  • Compliance and Safety: Certain businesses have specific requirements for their workspace to meet safety, regulatory, and compliance standards. Space limitations can make it challenging for you as an owner to implement these necessary measures, possibly leading to legal issues.
  • Less Creative and Collaborative Spaces: Some businesses — especially those in creative industries — require spaces that can encourage creativity. A lack of collaborative spaces can hinder your much-needed brainstorming sessions, idea generation, and the development of new products or services.

How Can Self Storage Help Small Businesses?

A small business owner happily packing away their stock in a self storage unit for businesses.


For small businesses, handling operational costs is a headache-inducing challenge. Traditional commercial spaces often come with overhead expenses, such as rent, utilities, and maintenance. Self storage offers a cost-effective alternative by allowing your business to store its items in a secure and accessible space without dealing with too many financial worries. This budget-friendly choice will help you allocate resources more efficiently.

Flexibility & Scalability 

The ebb and flow of business demand can be unpredictable, making it essential for small enterprises to go with flexible choices. Self storage facilities allow businesses to adjust their storage needs to any seasonal fluctuations, market trends, or sudden emergencies. 

Self storage units provide the scalability that small businesses need to survive dynamic marketplace changes, whether it’s a short-term storage during peak seasons or a long-term solution for excess inventory.

Inventory Management 

Efficient inventory management lies at the heart of every successful business. Storing inventory can quickly become a challenge, especially for small businesses  working in limited spaces. Self storage facilities provide extra space for storing inventory, preventing clutter in the workspace and helping with organisation. 

Security & Accessibility 

Every small business will have security worries, especially when it comes to storing valuable assets. Modern self storage facilities will offer features such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and on-site personnel to give you peace of mind and maximum protection for your goods. 

Reducing Clutter 

A cluttered workspace can stop your productivity in its tracks and put a real damper on the creative process. Self storage units provide an off-site solution for storing non-essential items in order to free up valuable workspace for other business activities. 

Transitioning to E-Commerce 

E-commerce offers fantastic growth opportunities (something we all learned during the pandemic). With this transformation, many small businesses have had to rethink their operational strategies. A self storage unit can serve as a distribution point for businesses that mainly operate online. It provides a hub for storing inventory, packing materials, and fulfilling orders. 

How To Book a Business Self Storage Unit

Outside shot of a Wigwam self storage facility

Here’s how to reserve a Wigwam business storage unit:

  1. Choose your location
  2. Select a storage unit size using our practical space calculator
  3. After receiving your quote, complete the booking process online, via email or in store 
  4. Move in 

By embracing modern solutions, entrepreneurs can succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace. Wigwam’s secure business self storage facilities are conveniently located in Chipping Norton and Bromsgrove, with a variety of unit sizes for storing merchandise, palletised goods, office furniture and more. Get a price today, or reach out to our friendly team to learn more.

How to bring the festive spirit to the office

The Christmas holidays are a great time to focus on spreading festive cheer in the office! However, getting everyone into the holiday spirit during working hours can be tough. From Michael Bublé’s hits playing throughout the office to tinsel dangling from the windows, if you’re looking for tips on bringing the festive spirit to your office, keep reading.


One of the best ways to get everyone in the holiday spirit is to decorate your office space. Consider putting up a tree and stringing-up fairy lights. Don’t go overboard – a few well-placed holiday decorations can do wonders in getting everyone in a festive mood.   

Pro Tip: don’t forget to decorate door frames.

Play holiday music throughout the office

Music is a great way to set the tone for any environment – and holiday music is no exception! Softly playing some holiday classics in the background can help everyone feel more festive (and maybe even get them singing along). 

Pro Tip: keep the volume level reasonable – so it doesn’t become a distraction.

Encourage employees to dress up

Dressing up for the holidays can be fun while doubling up and spreading cheer throughout the office. Encourage employees to wear red on a specific day or any festive attire throughout the week. Whatever you do, ensure they feel comfortable – and their outfits don’t interfere with productivity.

Plan holiday-themed events

A great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit is to plan some festive events. Anything from an ugly sweater contest to a potluck lunch featuring dishes from different cultures. As long as people enjoy themselves, they should get into the holiday spirit!

Organise a Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way to get everyone in the office involved in spreading holiday cheer. Make sure everyone signs up for the gift exchange and then set a budget. Employees will have fun picking out gifts and look forward to receiving one themselves – it’s a win-win!

If you need to make space at the office for events and decorations, Wigwam has room for you – and we’ve just opened a storage facility in Bromsgrove! Our storage unit sizes range from 10 sq. ft to 300 sq. ft and are monitored 24 hours a day by our top-notch CCTV systems. Call us on 0800 2545585 to learn more about our Business Storage options.

Storage tips for clothing traders and eCommerce businesses 

If you’re an entrepreneur with an online clothing shop or an eCommerce store then you know the importance of keeping your inventory organised and storage space optimised! Without proper storage, you can quickly find yourself buried beneath mountains of clothes and products while struggling to keep up with demand. Fortunately, here are a few tips that can help keep your business running smoothly.  

Read on for storage tips for clothing traders and eCommerce businesses. 

Use the correct packaging products 

Correct packaging varies when it comes to clothing and textiles. However, paper wrapping is often better than plastic – which can cause mould due to condensation and sweating. You should also use acid-free colourless paper to avoid transferring colour onto the clothing.  

Wigwam Chipping Norton offers an onsite packaging shop with the perfect materials for clothing! 

Purchase top-quality storage equipment 

It’s no secret that storage units come completely bare. So, it may be a good idea to invest in some shelves, hanging racks, heavy-duty boxes, garment bags and other storage equipment that’ll make your work life a little easier and more organised! 

Our business storage solutions are ideal for storing inventory, palletised goods, office furniture and more! 

Take extra precautions with antique items 

If you’re dealing with antique textiles, you already know how much extra care is required. Antiques need to be handled ideally with both hands and sometimes wearing gloves. You should also avoid cleaning fragile or damaged items as this can sometimes do more harm than good. 

Customise storage methods  

Each textile will have its storage method for optimal preservation. While some items, such as cotton, can be hung on a rack, others, such as wool, should be loosely folded with paper wrapping in a heavy-duty box to prevent stretching. Some items may also require silica gel packets which ensure extra protection against moisture. 

If you’re looking for a secure place to store your inventory or want to free up space in your home office, you’ve come to the right place. Wigwam has a perfect business storage option whether you’re a budding start-up, a growing online business or a large enterprise.  

Call us on 0800 2545585 or request a quick and easy quote online now. 

Bromsgrove’s First Ever Automated Self Storage Facility 

Bromsgrove is now home to its very first fully automated self storage facility, marking a significant stride towards greater automation in our town. And, of course, it’s a Wigwam Self Storage facility pioneering this brand-new, unmanned self storage solution!

The concept of fully automated self storage may not be entirely new, but it gained traction during the pandemic as the demand for this creative solution surged. Self storage facilities across the globe began embracing the wonders of automation to stay open and meet the growing needs of their customers.

Wigwam has proudly taken the lead as the first self storage facility to bring automated convenience to Bromsgrove. Conveniently located on Aston Fields Industrial Estate, between Howdens and Tool Station on Sherwood Road, our facility brings a new era of self storage to your doorstep. In this blog, we’ll explore automated self storage and what it means for you and self storage in Bromsgrove.

What Is an Automated Self Storage Facility?

A self storage unit owner using an app on their phone

An automated self storage facility is a type of storage space where customers can access and manage their storage units electronically, without human assistance. This type of facility combines the convenience of modern technology with traditional storage solutions, offering hassle-free access to your unit via digital keypads, mobile apps, or online interfaces.

From business owners needing efficient inventory management to residents of Bromsgrove looking to declutter their living spaces, this new addition provides a more convenient storage experience for everyone. 

What Are the Benefits of Self Storage Automation?

A smiling person inside a Wigwam self storage unit

Fully automated self storage facilities offer customers many benefits, including:

  • 24/7 accessibility 
  • Enhanced security through digital access controls and surveillance
  • Outstanding convenience with online reservations and payments 

What To Expect From Our Fully Automated Self Storage Facility in Bromsgrove 

A Wigwam employee answering a customer’s questions

With our automated system, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support ever again. Even though our facility is fully automatic, our friendly team remains readily available to assist you with any questions or concerns in real-time. You can count on them for assistance through the internal intercom system located throughout the facility. They can help with tasks like granting remote access to your unit if you’ve forgotten your PIN code, offer support for online bookings, assist with check-in services, and provide general customer support.

With over 200 modern units spanning two floors and our cutting-edge technology, we also offer a range of unique features that ensure a safe and secure environment for your stored belongings.

Smart Bluetooth Locking System

Our Smart Bluetooth Locking System is not only convenient but also super secure — it safeguards your belongings with advanced encryption and authentication. No more fumbling with traditional locks that might not be as reliable! Your smartphone becomes the key, and you’re less likely to find yourself locked out, trying to remember which elusive code you had set up for this situation.

App-Based Access Control 

Managing who has access to your storage unit has never been easier. With just a few taps on your phone, you can grant temporary access to friends, family, or anyone you trust and revoke it just as easily when you’re done.

Advanced Security Features 

At our state-of-the-art facility in Bromsgrove, each unit comes equipped with individual alarms and motion-tracking sensors, so even the slightest movement won’t go unnoticed. The entire facility is under the watchful eye of our 24-hour CCTV surveillance system, ensuring every corner is well-monitored around the clock. And when it comes to locking up, our electronic locking system adds an extra layer of protection. 

More Convenience & Flexibility 

At Wigwam, we’re committed to providing a hassle-free storage experience that goes beyond just renting a space. We’re all about convenience, flexibility, and making your life simpler. That’s why we offer:

  • Flexible Rental Terms: We understand that your storage needs may change, so we offer a minimum rental period of just two weeks. No long-term commitments, no fuss — you have the flexibility to store your items for as long as you need.
  • An Easily-Accessible Location: Our facility is located near major motorways for easy access. With local shops, trade shops, and supermarkets nearby, you can quickly grab any supplies you need before or after your visit. 
  • Man and Van Recommendations: Moving your items to and from storage doesn’t have to be a hassle. We can recommend local man and van services to help transport your belongings with ease. 
  • Lift Access: No need to break a sweat (or your back) lugging heavy items up and down stairs. Our facility is equipped with lifts, so you can easily access units on different floors without the struggle.
  • On-site Trolleys: Loading and unloading is a breeze with our complimentary on-site trolleys. They’re at your disposal, making moving your items smoother and more efficient.

How Our Automated Self Storage Units Work

A new customer downloading the automated self storage app on their phone

Our automated self storage facility in Bromsgrove couldn’t be simpler. 

With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can unlock your unit’s Smart Bluetooth Locking System. No keys, no access codes — just pure convenience. 

Rent Self Storage in Bromsgrove in a Click 

An external view of a Wigwam self storage facility with automated features

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How to make your company more environmentally-friendly

Making your business more environmentally friendly can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many small changes you can make that will quickly add up, resulting in long-lasting positive changes for the environment. If you’re ready to earn your eco-warrior badge, we’ve listed a few simple steps you can take to make your company more sustainable. Let’s go green! 

Conserve water 

Something as simple as urgently fixing any leaky faucets around your office or facilities can literally stop your business from wasting gallons of water. Another way to conserve water includes installing low-flow toilets and faucets as a long-term solution.  

Plant shrubs or trees 

Trees and shrubs are a vital part of the ecosystem and help to act as filters for pollution. They not only produce oxygen, improving the air quality that is essential for you and your employees, but they also add to the aesthetic of your office. Consider planning an eco-day for the team to spend the day outdoors planting new trees. Every seedling helps. 


Once individual bins for paper, cardboard and plastic are readily available, people will more easily get into the habit of using them. Many households are already separating their rubbish, so they’re likely to be familiar with the practice. If you lead by example, your staff will be recycling in no time.   

Instal solar panels 

Going solar is an easy way for companies to reduce their environmental impact and save money in the long run. Solar panels are a clean, renewable source of energy that comes with attractive tax incentives for businesses and can last for decades with very little maintenance. 

Use sustainable suppliers 

Green procurement is another easy way to transform your carbon footprint as a business. This effectively means sourcing goods and services that are produced sustainably, including goods or office supplies that are non-toxic, recyclable or made from renewable materials. 

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How to build a winning internship program

An internship program is a valuable resource for students and businesses alike. For students, an internship provides an opportunity to learn about a particular field or industry and gain experience in the workplace. The process can be helpful in making decisions about future career paths and help prepare students for the workforce.  

For businesses, an internship program can provide access to talented and motivated students who can help with various tasks and projects. Internships can also help businesses develop their brand and reputation among the student community. 

So, how do you build an attractive internship program? Consider the following tips. 

Schedule regular performance reviews 

As a business, you can use performance reviews to assess an intern’s progress and identify areas in which they need additional training or support. Interns can use them to track their own progress and set goals for themselves. Additionally, performance reviews can help identify any areas of difficulty that an intern is having so that they can be addressed quickly. 

Keep your interns busy 

A busy intern is more likely to be productive and learn new things. Make sure that you use the intern’s time wisely by delegating a range of tasks to assess their skills and determine whether they would be a good fit for the company.  

Assign each intern a mentor 

A mentor provides additional knowledge, support and accountability. A good mentor-intern relationship is one built on trust and mutual respect. When choosing a mentor for an intern, it’s important to find someone who is knowledgeable in the intern’s area of interest, patient and willing to answer any questions the intern may have. 

Show appreciation for the intern’s work 

Showing appreciation for an intern’s work helps to reinforce positive behaviour and encourages them to continue working hard. Interns often go above and beyond their job duties in order to make a good impression, so thanking them for their efforts is a powerful gesture.  

Provide opportunities for questions 

When interns ask questions, it shows that they are interested in the organisation and are willing to learn. It is important to encourage this behaviour by providing opportunities for interns to ask questions. By providing these opportunities, you can help them learn and grow, better understand their role and strengthen their communication abilities. 

Allocate space for the intern to work 

An intern’s space can be a designated area in the office or even a cubicle. Setting a space aside for an intern to work gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility, allows them to personalise their space, and provides a place for them to focus and be productive. It can also help them feel comfortable and welcome in the office, boosting their experience.  

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