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Renovating Your Home? 10 Reasons Why You Need Self Storage

Taking on a home renovation project can be exciting and rewarding but also challenging. One obstacle you’ll face over and over again during renovations is finding space to store your belongings safely and securely. That’s where self storage comes to the rescue! Here are 10 ways that self storage can save your sanity during any home renovation task:

1) Securing Your Stuff 

During a standard home renovation, your home might be more exposed than usual and the items that generally stay covered in that part of the house will be more vulnerable to theft — due to random people coming in and out of your home, doors needing to be constantly open and unlocked, walls being broken down, etc. 

Self storage facilities can protect your things with an array of security features, including 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance, individual alarms for each unit, security staff, and specific access controls allowing limited access to your unit. Choosing a self storage facility in the UK that offers top-of-the-line security measures to protect your belongings is critical

2) Protecting Your Belongings From Dust and Debris Damage

During a renovation, your normally-spotless home can get bogged down in the chaos and devolve into a messy environment you wouldn’t recognise. Construction dirt and debris can get everywhere, making it more difficult than usual to keep your belongings pristine and clean. By moving your belongings to a storage unit, you’ll be protecting them from damage by dust, paint, and other construction materials, which can cause permanent wear and unsightly markings.

Self storage units are also a fantastic way to keep your possessions safe from damage caused by accidents or mishaps during the renovation process. Suppose you’re doing a major renovation that happened to involve knocking down walls or removing permanent fixtures. In this case, you run the risk of harm to your furniture or other items in that room. By storing your belongings off-site, you can avoid any damage that might occur during the renovation process and save yourself plenty of headaches.

Home renovation workers creating dust and damage

3) Providing More Space To Work With

Storage units can free up space in your rapidly cluttering household and help speed up the work. You’ll work more efficiently and effectively without worrying about boxes underfoot or knocking into furniture with your arms full of materials. This type of planning will shorten your timeline for the renovation too, and don’t we all look forward to the final product the most? The part where we can breathe properly and relax while enjoying the well-earned fruits of our labour.

4) Granting Easy Access

With 24-hour access to a storage unit, seven days a week, it’ll be easy to retrieve any tools or supplies you need to complete your project without digging through a messy and disorganised home for that screwdriver you could have sworn was just here. This amenity is handy if you need a wide variety of tools for different stages of the renovation and don’t want them cluttering up the area. It can also help if you need specific items and furniture to return home at different times. Self storage units typically have customer car access and packaging material shops, which make storing even the most bulky and heavy items much easier.

A homeowner getting access to a self storage unit and smiling

5) Save Money on Temporary Living Expenses

Renovations often require homeowners to move out of their bedrooms and living quarters during significant reconstructions for their safety, which can be pricey if you need to suddenly look at alternative housing. Self storage allows you to free up space in your home away from the construction site so you don’t have to pay extra for a hotel room during this period. It also makes it easier to stay with a friend (or rotate between a few friends) during this time, as you won’t be dragging your entire collection of precious keepsakes and furniture with you!

6) Supplying Flexible Rental Terms

Home renovations can be unpredictable, with delays and shifting deadlines being all too common. Storage facilities offer rental terms that you can adjust to meet your changing needs without too much stress or paperwork. You can rent a storage unit short- or long-term as needed without worrying about committing to something iron-clad that will come back to bite you later.

7) Reducing Unnecessary Damage to Your Floors And Walls

Renovating your household involves hauling furniture and equipment around to make room for these exciting new changes. Unfortunately, this activity can cause unsightly damage to your floors and walls. You don’t want to hear the sound a heavy sofa can make across a hardwood floor, and chairs bumping into walls can leave permanent dents and chips. To avoid this expensive and time-consuming damage, use a self storage unit.

8) Helping You Stay Organised

Decluttering your home ahead of the renovation can win you the war before the battles begin. With a clean and clear home, managing the completion of your household projects will be much easier. Instead of shuffling boxes and furniture around in a limited space, you can move everything you don’t need into a storage unit, smoothing over the process.

9) Letting You Remain Independent 

A self storage solution means you won’t have to depend on anyone else to store your belongings or tools. During the Great Renovation of your home, you need to account for furniture, appliances, and other cumbersome items that simply won’t fit in other parts of your home or garage. Reaching out to friends, family, or neighbours to hold onto your belongings for an uncertain period can be an unwanted hassle for them. It also puts your relationships at risk if your things get damaged in their care  or you need their space for longer than previously agreed because of a delay.

10) Clearing Space For Your Vision

Holding onto all of your belongings at home while renovating can be demanding.  It can be near impossible to visualise your new space without being influenced by your existing  décor. A cluttered space can cloud your creativity and capacity to create something new and fresh — which was why you started this renovation in the first place. By storing your old commodities away, you can fully envision your new space without any distractions. Now you’re free to come up with more imaginative and personalised design choices.

Happy home owners standing in a place that was fixed with a home renovation

TIP: If you need help determining what size self storage unit you’ll need for your renovations, our space calculator can help!

Creating an organised environment while undertaking such a fun project is critical to everyone involved having a good time. At Wigwam Self Storage, we know how important organisation is, and we offer a variety of storage solutions to do just that. Send us an email at, and one of our self storage experts will be happy to chat about any concerns you might have!