How to build a winning internship program

An internship program is a valuable resource for students and businesses alike. For students, an internship provides an opportunity to learn about a particular field or industry and gain experience in the workplace. The process can be helpful in making decisions about future career paths and help prepare students for the workforce.  

For businesses, an internship program can provide access to talented and motivated students who can help with various tasks and projects. Internships can also help businesses develop their brand and reputation among the student community. 

So, how do you build an attractive internship program? Consider the following tips. 

Schedule regular performance reviews 

As a business, you can use performance reviews to assess an intern’s progress and identify areas in which they need additional training or support. Interns can use them to track their own progress and set goals for themselves. Additionally, performance reviews can help identify any areas of difficulty that an intern is having so that they can be addressed quickly. 

Keep your interns busy 

A busy intern is more likely to be productive and learn new things. Make sure that you use the intern’s time wisely by delegating a range of tasks to assess their skills and determine whether they would be a good fit for the company.  

Assign each intern a mentor 

A mentor provides additional knowledge, support and accountability. A good mentor-intern relationship is one built on trust and mutual respect. When choosing a mentor for an intern, it’s important to find someone who is knowledgeable in the intern’s area of interest, patient and willing to answer any questions the intern may have. 

Show appreciation for the intern’s work 

Showing appreciation for an intern’s work helps to reinforce positive behaviour and encourages them to continue working hard. Interns often go above and beyond their job duties in order to make a good impression, so thanking them for their efforts is a powerful gesture.  

Provide opportunities for questions 

When interns ask questions, it shows that they are interested in the organisation and are willing to learn. It is important to encourage this behaviour by providing opportunities for interns to ask questions. By providing these opportunities, you can help them learn and grow, better understand their role and strengthen their communication abilities. 

Allocate space for the intern to work 

An intern’s space can be a designated area in the office or even a cubicle. Setting a space aside for an intern to work gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility, allows them to personalise their space, and provides a place for them to focus and be productive. It can also help them feel comfortable and welcome in the office, boosting their experience.  

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Activities you can enjoy solo in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a tourist hotspot, attracting many families and groups of tourists every year. From the historical buildings to the beautiful scenery, it’s no surprise that the county is so popular for weekend trips and planned holidays. Another reason to visit Oxfordshire is the wide selection of activities to enjoy on your own. 

Whether you’ve recently relocated to the historic county or you’re visiting on holiday, there are many activities to enjoy solo. Consider the following as a starting point. 

Stroll through Port Meadows 

Located just west of Oxford city centre, Port Meadows offers a wonderful view of the Thames River and some of Oxford’s famous landmarks. It’s a great place to take a walk or go for a jog, and there are plenty of places to sit and relax if you need a break. 

Explore the vintage shops 

If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, Oxford is the place to be. The city is home to a selection of vintage shops, which offer everything from clothes and accessories to furniture and home decor. Exploring these stores is a fun way to spend an afternoon on your own. 

Browse the stalls at the Covered Market 

Visiting the Covered Market is a great way to mingle with other people as a solo visitor, providing a place to browse the stalls and find unique gifts. There are many different vendors, each with their own specialities, including food, clothing and music.  

Join a walking tour 

There are so many sights to see around Oxfordshire, made even more fascinating when you understand the history behind the buildings and the stories behind the structures. Joining a walking tour is a fun way to see these sights, learn about the area’s history and maybe even make a few friends.  

Soak up nature in the University of Oxford’s Botanic Garden 

The University of Oxford’s botanic garden is the oldest in the UK, dating back to 1621. The garden is a popular tourist attraction and is open to the public year-round. It features a variety of gardens, including a rainforest, a specialist plant nursery, and a herbarium. If you’re looking for a beautiful and alluring place to relax, Oxford’s botanic garden is a great option. 

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How to cut down on moving costs

Are you planning a move? Whether you’re moving down the road or relocating to a new city, it’s important to consider the various costs involved – and how to cut them down.  

Without proper preparation, the costs of moving can add up and become unmanageable. Luckily, there are a few ways to cut down on moving costs, and here are just a few of them.  

Schedule your move at the right time 

The cost of relocating can be lowered depending on when you schedule the move. The first step is to book your move in advance. The next is to research the most affordable time to move. For example, Tuesday is the most expensive day to move home, while Sunday is the cheapest. 

Compare the cost of movers 

Get multiple quotes from reputable companies and choose a hiring company that offers a decent price with no hidden costs. Stay away from dishonest movers and make sure that you check the company’s online reviews before confirming the date. At Wigwam Self Storage, we offer cost-effective man and van services, helping to streamline the moving process. 

Save time 

Time is money. When you save time during the move, then you can use your time in more productive ways. Some of the most effective ways to save time include following a comprehensive checklist, using smart packing techniques and developing a packing system. 

Invest in quality packaging supplies 

When you invest in quality packaging supplies then they will remain sturdy and do the job effectively. You can trust that your belongings will be protected, remain undamaged and that you won’t have any high replacement costs.  

Prepare for the worst-case scenario 

Even with airtight planning, there may be bumps along the way. Imagine arriving in a new city and your home isn’t ready? Or realise that your furniture doesn’t fit into your new home? Having a personal self storage unit on standby is a cost-effective backup plan to keep your household belongings secure during a temporary period.  

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