Unexpected benefits and uses for commercial self storage

Self storage is growing in popularity throughout the UK. While many people think of personal self storage as the main driving force, there are plenty of benefits for commercial customers. Businesses can benefit from self storage containers in many ways, and some of them are pretty unexpected.

We are proud to provide self storage to several businesses in Chipping Norton and the surrounding areas. These are just some of the ways you could make commercial self storage work for you.

Store excess stock

Business owners know that purchasing stock in bulk will allow you to enjoy huge savings and better profit margins. But this only works if you have somewhere to store it. Keeping it in your home is one option, but who wants giant boxes of stock cluttering up their living space?

Business storage allows you to purchase stock in bulk and then keep it safe and secure until you need it. This could give you the confidence to expand your business without the stress of moving to larger premises.

If you require drive up access to your self storage unit, our storage containers in Chipping Norton could be ideal. These converted shipping containers measure 20ft x 8ft, which is about the same size as a large single garage. Starting at just £100 +VAT, these are incredibly cost-effective for business owners in need of secure storage space.

Create a showroom

Leasing a commercial showroom is expensive business. If you run a niche company with lower levels of foot traffic, using a self storage unit as a showroom can be a great way to keep costs down.

A self storage unit might not be the first place you would think to set up your showroom, but it can be incredibly cost-effective. When you want your products to take centre stage, a minimalist storage unit can be ideal. And parking will never be an issue for your customers, so it’s a win-win!

Store large equipment

If you work with large equipment and need a secure place to store it, commercial self storage will offer peace of mind. Large equipment is often expensive and therefore a target to thieves. Rather than storing it at your home, your business premises, or even in your van, commercial self storage is a much safer option.

Storing large equipment with Wigwam Self Storage is easy. With wide corridors and pallet trucks available to help you move items, you can easily access your equipment as required. It could even help to lower your insurance premiums.

Archive storage

Archives are a necessary but inconvenient part of running a business. Every year, your archives will keep expanding, and you may find that you are losing valuable office space as a result. Moving your archives to a commercial self storage unit can help you to regain office space and offer added peace of mind.

You might not need to delve into the archives often, but when you do, you want to know that everything is safe, dry and secure. Keeping your archives separate from your main business premises is also more secure.

Office moves

Moving to a different office will inevitably mean rearranging the furniture. Rather than piling everything into your new office space and feeling overwhelmed, why not break down your move into smaller steps?

Start with the essentials, and keep everything else in a secure storage unit until you have decided if you want or need the extra furniture. And if you are moving to a smaller office, self storage will allow you to hang on to your furniture for the future.

Seasonal business

A florist or chocolatier might see their business boom around Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. But a short-term boom in business might not be enough to warrant moving to larger premises. In this situation, you could use a self storage unit to temporarily increase operations.

The space could be used to store excess stock, or you could even use it as your workspace. With flexible leases available, you won’t have to see your profit margins eroded by a permanent premises.

If you’re interested in growing your business with Wigwam Self Storage, get in touch today.