How business coaching can help you grow

Business coaching is an important tool for any company looking to grow. A business coach can help a business identify and overcome obstacles, improve productivity and make better decisions.

Working with a business coach is a great idea if you’re feeling stuck, if you’re struggling to plan your growth or if you want to expand your knowledge.

A business coach works closely with the business owner to help the company reach its full potential by helping the business in the following ways.

Identify obstacles in the business

A business coach serves as a third-party outsider who can offer expert insight on the obstacles in your business. With the help of their expertise, you’re able to overcome these challenges and clear the path to success.

Build confidence

Focusing on your strengths can boost your confidence. A business coach is able to pinpoint your strengths and show you how to take advantage of them to help your business grow.

Challenge your thinking

It’s not unusual for business owners to keep going around in cycles and miss opportunities. A business coach can help you to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas for your company.  Also, a business coach can help a business owner to tap into their full potential.

Streamline tasks and goals

Business coaching introduces accountability into the business. Coaches work with business owners to set tangible goals and track progress along the way. This helps to keep everyone on track and focused on what’s important for the company. Business coaching can also help to streamline tasks and make sure that everyone in the company is aware of their role and responsibilities.

Share knowledge and expertise

A business coach is a great resource for business owners who want to improve their operations. Coaches have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they can share with their clients, whether you’re looking to grow in soft skills or hard skills.

As your business grows, so will your need for space – and that’s where Wigwam Self Storage comes in. We offer a variety of different size business storage units available with flexible lease agreements.

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Tips to creating a home library

Do you consider yourself a book lover? World Book Day is celebrated around the world on 23 April. The day was initiated in 1995 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) with the goal of promoting reading and publishing.

On this day, people are encouraged to celebrate books and the joy of reading by participating in various activities, such as reading aloud at school or work, dressing up as a character from a book, or visiting a library. We would like to take it one step further and encourage you to create a home library!

Consider the following easy steps to create a comfortable and inspiring space in the home.

Design the space

The first step is to pick a cosy spot in the home and design the layout. Consider whether you prefer sitting in a chair, on floor cushions or nestled on the sofa. Choose a layout that inspires you to read for hours on end, whether it be in the corner of a busy room or in a secluded home office.

Consider your budget

Make a list of must-have features that you want in your home library and determine how much the features will cost. For example, allocate a budget for cushions, shelving, building your collection and adding the right lighting.

Create your space

Once you’ve determined the perfect spot for your home library and bought all of your features, then you can start putting it together. Make sure that you have fun as you lay down the rug, place the cushions, install the shelves and add the lighting.

Build your collection

The first step to building your collection is putting the books that you already own on the shelves. If you want to add more books, then you can start browsing the local store, searching for your favourite titles online, and even visiting thrift stores.

Maintain your library

Once your home library is set up, it’s important to keep it well-maintained. This means keeping the shelves clean and tidy, removing any dust or dirt, and organising the books by genre or author. It’s also a good idea to add a few personal touches, such as family photos and ornaments to make the space feel like home.

While building your home library, you’ll need to clear items to make space for your books. At Wigwam, we offer a safe and secure storage unit in Chipping Norton to keep household clutter and seasonal items so that you can build your dream home library.

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How to build a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a rising trend, saving people time, money and stress of choosing an outfit. A capsule wardrobe is made up of a collection of a few essential items, allowing the clothing to be combined to create multiple outfits.

If you’ve recently finished decluttering or you want to revamp your wardrobe, then consider the following tips for building a capsule wardrobe.

Consider your style

Take a moment to consider your fashion preferences and lifestyle. Ask yourself your primary activity, what you do in your free time, and what style you feel most comfortable wearing. These basic considerations will guide you towards the essential items for your capsule wardrobe.

Declutter your items

Declutter your current wardrobe and get rid of any item that doesn’t fit your style or that you haven’t worn in over a year. Doing so will help you to focus on the essential items for your new capsule wardrobe. Hold each item to decide what you want to keep, store, donate or throw out.

Start a simple wish list

Once you’ve determined what you’ve got in your capsule wardrobe, then you can start working to fill in the blanks. Write a wish list of items that you’d like to add, making sure that you consider your colour palette and style in the process.

Add as you go

Consider your budget when building your capsule wardrobe. Slowly build your wardrobe and add an item as needed. Invest in quality clothing that is designed to last, rather than buy high-fashion items that are weak in quality and design. Whenever you’re tempted to buy another item, consider how often you’ll wear it and whether its purpose can be filled by another.

Remember multipurpose clothing

Don’t forget the value of multipurpose clothing such as classic denim, black and white t-shirts, dresses or skirts for work or formal events. These classic items can serve a variety of different purposes depending on paired items and accessories. For example, a pair of black trousers can be dressed up for a fancy dinner or relaxed for a casual brunch.

Need a place to store your seasonal items while building your capsule wardrobe? Perhaps you’re uncertain about which items to keep or donate? At Wigwam, we provide a safe and secure space to store your extra clothing until you decide. 

Find out more about our personal storage in Oxfordshire and how it can work for you. Give us a call at 01608 656 300 and chat with our friendly team.

Wigwam and The Branch: Providing refuge and building a brighter future 

Covering over 800 square miles and five counties, the Cotswolds is often thought of as a playground for the affluent and famous. However, beneath the charming surface, opportunities for children and young people are few and far between. In response to the growing need for assistance in the community, came The Branch. 

Introducing The Branch 

The Branch Trust – led by a great team of trustees – works to break the cycle of poverty, isolation, violence, and disadvantage once and for all. Through their innovative response of nurture, training, connection and opportunity, The Branch has become a haven for those in need, working with the underlying problems preventing people and families from reaching their potential. 

At Wigwam, we are delighted to partner with this inspirational local charity as they come together and build a brighter future for the residents of Chipping Norton.  

Can you imagine spending months in a refuge or escaping domestic abuse with no place to turn? The bravery and courage it takes to pack up one’s life into a few suitcases, leaving behind treasured possessions, friends, and their home is extraordinary and not without struggle. This is where The Branch – and Wigwam – step in. 

How it works 

When you are in need, The Branch will receive a call from Social Services and arrive within hours to offer support. From practical help to emotional support, and through the wide range of practical courses they offer, The Branch team works to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference in the community. 

To help smooth the process, Wigwam provides a safe and secure space to store donations and helps collect and deliver them around town through the use of our van and helpful staff. From beds and washing machines to furniture and curtains, we are here to ensure that the donations are ready at a moment’s notice.  

The Branch is a source of life and support without barriers or stigma. We at Wigwam are proud to be part of this incredible initiative as they continue to build relationships and resilience and provide the community with the skills to build a legacy that will transform generations to come.  

If you would like to find out more about The Branch, get involved or require assistance, you can visit their website, Instagram page or Facebook page.  

How students can get ready for the summer term

Student holidays are almost over and it’s time to dust off the books and prepare for another term of studying, socialising and working toward your educational future. University students in the UK are gearing up for a productive summer term, and planning is key to making it a success.

Are you looking for a few tips to prepare for the summer term? We’ve put together a few useful tips to help you prepare for the upcoming summer term.

Set academic goals

Take time to outline your academic goals to make sure that you prioritise your studies while enjoying the summer term. Begin by organising your time and creating a study schedule. Be realistic about what you’re able to accomplish in the time available, and outline healthy habits to keep your mind and body physically healthy.

Prepare your devices

Gone are the days of relying on large textbooks and queuing in the library. Being a student in the 21st century means that you can study from any place at any time, as long as you have a reliable device. Before the term starts, make sure that your computer, tablet or smartphone is in good condition and that you’ve downloaded any applications if needed.

Revise the university social calendar

Socialising at university is a great way to make lifelong friends. Most universities have clubs and organisations to help integrate students based on their extracurricular interests. Familiarise yourself with the university’s social calendar and make note of the important dates, making sure that you get your assignments done on time.

Get all of your belongings in order

If you’re travelling from another city to attend your university of choice, then you need to get all of your belongings in order before the term starts. Pack what you need for the upcoming term and make sure that you have space for all of your sports equipment, books, furniture and belongings. 

If you need extra, secure space, then student storage provides an affordable and convenient solution!

Establish a learning environment

A productive learning environment can make a big difference in your academic results. Consider the best learning environment for you and choose a space that offers a reliable internet connection, has enough space for your needs, and meets your preferred level of silence. Once you’ve established a go-to learning environment, it’ll be easier to follow a positive studying routine.

At Wigwam, we’re committed to helping students in Oxfordshire have an easy moving experience. Whether you’re moving into your own apartment a mile down the road from your parents or travelling from across the country, we have a place for your belongings.

Our safe and secure units are easily accessible and available with affordable lease agreements, providing a space to store books, furniture, valuable belongings and sports equipment. We also offer a van hire service in Chipping Norton and offer storage packaging to further streamline the moving experience!

Contact us at 01608 656 300 to chat with our friendly team and find out more.