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Student holidays are almost over and it’s time to dust off the books and prepare for another term of studying, socialising and working toward your educational future. University students in the UK are gearing up for a productive summer term, and planning is key to making it a success.

Are you looking for a few tips to prepare for the summer term? We’ve put together a few useful tips to help you prepare for the upcoming summer term.

Set academic goals

Take time to outline your academic goals to make sure that you prioritise your studies while enjoying the summer term. Begin by organising your time and creating a study schedule. Be realistic about what you’re able to accomplish in the time available, and outline healthy habits to keep your mind and body physically healthy.

Prepare your devices

Gone are the days of relying on large textbooks and queuing in the library. Being a student in the 21st century means that you can study from any place at any time, as long as you have a reliable device. Before the term starts, make sure that your computer, tablet or smartphone is in good condition and that you’ve downloaded any applications if needed.

Revise the university social calendar

Socialising at university is a great way to make lifelong friends. Most universities have clubs and organisations to help integrate students based on their extracurricular interests. Familiarise yourself with the university’s social calendar and make note of the important dates, making sure that you get your assignments done on time.

Get all of your belongings in order

If you’re travelling from another city to attend your university of choice, then you need to get all of your belongings in order before the term starts. Pack what you need for the upcoming term and make sure that you have space for all of your sports equipment, books, furniture and belongings. 

If you need extra, secure space, then student storage provides an affordable and convenient solution!

Establish a learning environment

A productive learning environment can make a big difference in your academic results. Consider the best learning environment for you and choose a space that offers a reliable internet connection, has enough space for your needs, and meets your preferred level of silence. Once you’ve established a go-to learning environment, it’ll be easier to follow a positive studying routine.

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