Capsule wardrobes are a rising trend, saving people time, money and stress of choosing an outfit. A capsule wardrobe is made up of a collection of a few essential items, allowing the clothing to be combined to create multiple outfits.

If you’ve recently finished decluttering or you want to revamp your wardrobe, then consider the following tips for building a capsule wardrobe.

Consider your style

Take a moment to consider your fashion preferences and lifestyle. Ask yourself your primary activity, what you do in your free time, and what style you feel most comfortable wearing. These basic considerations will guide you towards the essential items for your capsule wardrobe.

Declutter your items

Declutter your current wardrobe and get rid of any item that doesn’t fit your style or that you haven’t worn in over a year. Doing so will help you to focus on the essential items for your new capsule wardrobe. Hold each item to decide what you want to keep, store, donate or throw out.

Start a simple wish list

Once you’ve determined what you’ve got in your capsule wardrobe, then you can start working to fill in the blanks. Write a wish list of items that you’d like to add, making sure that you consider your colour palette and style in the process.

Add as you go

Consider your budget when building your capsule wardrobe. Slowly build your wardrobe and add an item as needed. Invest in quality clothing that is designed to last, rather than buy high-fashion items that are weak in quality and design. Whenever you’re tempted to buy another item, consider how often you’ll wear it and whether its purpose can be filled by another.

Remember multipurpose clothing

Don’t forget the value of multipurpose clothing such as classic denim, black and white t-shirts, dresses or skirts for work or formal events. These classic items can serve a variety of different purposes depending on paired items and accessories. For example, a pair of black trousers can be dressed up for a fancy dinner or relaxed for a casual brunch.

Need a place to store your seasonal items while building your capsule wardrobe? Perhaps you’re uncertain about which items to keep or donate? At Wigwam, we provide a safe and secure space to store your extra clothing until you decide. 

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