6 Genius kitchen storage ideas for busy parents on a budget

As a busy parent, keeping the kitchen organised and clutter-free can feel like a never-ending battle. With so many appliances, gadgets and utensils to store, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and let the mess pile up. Fortunately, there are plenty of kitchen storage hacks that can help you keep everything in its place without breaking the bank.

In this post, we share six genius kitchen storage ideas for busy parents on a budget. Let’s get started!

Use drawer dividers

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to organise your kitchen drawers is to use dividers. You can buy inexpensive plastic or bamboo dividers that will help you separate utensils, gadgets and other small items. This will make it easier to find what you need and keep your drawers from becoming cluttered.

Pro Tip: Before buying dividers, measure your drawers and make sure you get the right size. 

Hang pots and pans

If you’re short on cabinet space, consider hanging your pots and pans from a ceiling-mounted rack. This is a great way to free up cabinet space and keep your most-used cookware within reach. You can buy a ready-made pot rack or make your own using a metal rod and s-hooks.

Pro Tip: If you’re hanging heavy pots and pans, ensure you use sturdy hooks and hardware that can support the weight.

Use a pegboard

A pegboard is a versatile storage solution that can be customised to fit your specific needs. You can hang everything from utensils to pots and pans to cutting boards on a pegboard, and it’s easy to rearrange items as your needs change. Plus, pegboards are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Pro Tip: Before hanging a pegboard, make sure you measure your wall and plan out where you want to place each item, to avoid having to reposition the board later.

Use Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a great way to make use of corner cabinets or deep shelves that can be hard to reach. You can use a turntable-style Lazy Susan for canned goods or spices or opt for a tiered Lazy Susan that can hold large items like pots and pans.

Hang a Tension Rod

A tension rod is a simple, affordable way to add extra storage space under your sink. You can use it to hang cleaning supplies, spray bottles or extra sponges and cloths.

Pro Tip: Make sure you choose a tension rod with a weight capacity that can support the items you plan to hang on it.

Use Shelf Risers

Shelf risers are a great way to double your storage space without adding extra cabinets. You can use them to stack plates, bowls or even canned goods on top of each other. This is a great solution for small kitchens or apartments with limited cabinet space.

Pro Tip: Ensure you measure your shelves and choose risers that will fit your space.

If you’re struggling with a small kitchen and don’t want to get rid of items you don’t use often – but do use, Wigwam is here to help. You can store appliances such as your slow cooker (which you only use during the holidays) and other items with us. 

Not sure what size storage unit you’ll need? Use our handy Space Calculator. You can also call us and speak to one of our friendly team members to learn more about our self storage options or grab a quick storage quote online.

Simplifying your space: a beginner’s guide to decluttering your home

It’s easy for belongings to accumulate over time and turn your once peaceful space into a disorganised mess. Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our beginner’s guide, you’ll be well on your way to simplifying your space in no time.

Step 1: Start with a plan

First, create a plan of action. Take a look around your home and decide which areas need the most attention. It’s best to start with one room at a time and break it down into smaller tasks to make it more manageable. Set a realistic timeline for each task to keep yourself on track.

Pro tip: Take before and after photos to keep you motivated and track your progress.

Step 2: Sort and categorise

Next, it’s time to sort through your belongings and categorise them into piles. One pile should be for items you want to keep, another for items to donate and a third for items to throw away. Be honest with yourself and ask whether each item truly brings you joy or serves a purpose.

Pro tip: Get rid of duplicate items and try to keep sentimental items to a minimum.

Step 3: Purge and donate

Now that you’ve created your piles, it’s time to start purging. Throw away any items that are in the throw-away pile right away – don’t procrastinate on this one. For items in good condition in your donate pile – take them straight to a local charity or thrift store. Just because you created the piles in step two doesn’t mean you won’t change your mind, so it’s good to get the donation and throw away piles before your inner hoarder takes over!

Pro tip: Create a donation station in your home and make a habit of adding to it regularly.

Step 4: Organise what’s left

With the excess items out of the way, it’s time to organise what’s left. Invest in storage solutions like shelving, baskets and bins to keep things tidy. Make sure to label everything to make finding what you need a breeze. Stackable containers and baskets are a great option as you can use them to make use of vertical space, which is often forgotten about.

Pro tip: Use vertical space to your advantage by installing shelves or hanging storage options.

Step 5: Maintain the clutter-free lifestyle

The key to maintaining a clutter-free home is to make it a habit. Make a conscious effort to regularly evaluate your belongings and get rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose. A little effort goes a long way in keeping your space organised and clutter-free.

Wigwam Self Storage also offers the perfect solution to your decluttering problems! Store your clutter with us. Especially the sentimental items you just can’t get rid of or the furniture you’d like to keep for your kids and grandkids one day. We offer a variety of storage solutions to fit your needs, from small units to store seasonal items to larger units for furniture and bulkier items. And if you need help moving your items from your home to our self storage facilities, we offer a van hire service to help you out. 

Visit our personal storage solutions to learn more about our options and get started on your decluttering journey today.

Out of sight, out of mind: hidden storage ideas for your home

Living in a cluttered home can be overwhelming. When there’s clutter everywhere, you may find yourself distracted and unable to concentrate on anything, from work to relaxing. The solution to this problem is hidden storage solutions. Places you can put your items out of sight and out of mind but still within reach. Read on for innovative and clever hidden storage ideas to help you declutter your home and enjoy being more organised.

Hidden storage in the kitchen

The kitchen is often the most cluttered room in the house, with countless utensils, pots and pans taking up valuable counter and cupboard space. Hidden storage solutions can help you make the most of your kitchen space. Consider installing pull-out pantry shelves in cabinets to maximise space while maintaining organisation. But don’t stop there! 

  • Have you considered installing a hidden spice rack inside a cabinet door? This simple addition can free up valuable counter space while ensuring they are easy to reach. 
  • What about a pull-out cutting board that doubles as a hidden storage compartment for knives and other kitchen tools?
  • Another clever storage idea is to install a pull-out bin for your recyclables and compostables. This keeps your kitchen organised and tidy while making it easy to dispose of waste and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Why not take advantage of the often-overlooked space above your cabinets? Installing a shelf or two up there can provide additional storage for items that aren’t used often.

When it comes to hidden storage in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Don’t settle for a cluttered and disorganised kitchen.

Cleverly designed wall shelves

Wall shelves are a fantastic way to add storage space to your home without taking up any floor space. However, traditional wall shelves can be unsightly and clutter up your walls. Cleverly designed wall shelves, such as cube storage shelves, can add both functionality and style to your home. You can use these shelves to display books, art pieces and other decorative items. Some designs even come with hidden compartments ensuring a less-cluttered look.

Pro tip: When installing wall shelves, ensure they are secure and can hold the weight of the items you intend to store on them.

Hidden storage in the bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary with clever hidden storage solutions that keep clutter at bay. With the right storage options, you can create a serene environment that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are some examples: 

Bed frames with built-in drawers: 

Say goodbye to messy spaces with this space-saving solution. This functional piece of furniture not only provides a comfortable place to sleep but also doubles as storage.  Bed frames with built-in drawers come in various designs to suit your needs and style preferences. Some come with drawers that glide effortlessly underneath the bed, while others have drawers built into the bed board itself. Whichever design you choose, you’ll appreciate the practicality.

Floating nightstands with hidden compartments: 

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful and clutter-free oasis. These innovative pieces of furniture not only add a modern touch to your decor but also provide convenient storage solutions for all your bedside essentials. The hidden compartments built into these nightstands offer a discreet and practical way to store your belongings. From books and reading glasses to phone chargers, you can keep everything you need tucked away neatly out of sight..

Secret compartments in living room furniture

Upgrade your living space with furniture that not only looks stunning but also maximises every inch of your room. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function with these innovative furniture pieces, making them a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their home.

Ottomans with built-in storage 

These versatile pieces offer a convenient and discreet way to keep your space clutter-free while providing a comfortable seating option for guests. Gone are the days of searching for extra storage space, as Ottomans with built-in storage provide ample room to store blankets, pillows, books and other items. Plus, they can serve as an extra table for drinks and snacks or even as an impromptu footrest after a long day at work. 

Coffee tables with secret drawers

Coffee tables with secret drawers are more than just an ordinary piece of furniture – they are a functional and stylish addition to any living room. These innovative coffee tables offer discreet storage solutions to help you keep your living space organised and clutter-free. With hidden compartments built into the design, you can store anything from remote controls to magazines, books and even snacks. No more fumbling around or worrying about unsightly clutter on your tabletops! You’ll be amazed at how much you can tuck away in the secret drawers.

Hidden storage under the stairs

If you have a staircase in your home, you can use the space underneath for hidden storage. This area can be a built-in cabinet or drawers for storing items that aren’t used frequently, such as seasonal decorations, old photo albums or extra linens. You can even have your very own mini-wine cellar designed – a unique and easy to access solution to filling the gap.

Pro tip: When designing under-stair storage, consider the size and shape of the items you intend to store.

Whether you choose to use secret compartments in furniture, cleverly designed wall shelves or all of the above, there are many ways to maximise your storage space, including renting a self storage unit with Wigwam Self Storage. We provide safe and secure storage solutions whether you’re looking to store on a short or long-term basis. 

If you’re not sure how much space you’ll need, use our handy Space Calculator. Alternatively, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you! 

Top five tips to maximise your home office space

The rise of remote work has made home offices more important than ever. If you’re working from home, you need a space that’s comfortable and conducive to concentration. However, if you’re short on square footage, you’re probably struggling to make the most of your work environment. These five tips can help you maximise your home office space while ensuring comfort and productivity – keep reading to learn more.

Find the right location

Ideally, your home office should be in a quiet, low-traffic area of your home. A spare bedroom or an under-utilised living space could be the perfect spot for your office. Alternatively, consider creating a workspace in the corner of a large room, such as a dining or living room. Ensure you position yourself close to a source of natural light. This can significantly enhance productivity. Studies have shown that individuals who consistently have access to daylight are likely to reduce eye strain, headaches and blurred vision by up to 84%.

Choose the right furniture

Furniture is key to creating a functional and comfortable home office. Start by choosing a desk that fits your space and your needs. If you have limited space, a corner or a wall-mounted desk can be a great option. Improper seating arrangements in your home office can result in more than just discomfort. 50% of individuals who work remotely experience regular neck and back pain. Such pain can be difficult to alleviate and may diminish your remote work experience.

Pro Tip: Make sure your chair is comfortable and supportive and consider investing in a standing desk or a stability ball to vary your posture throughout the day.

Use vertical space

Don’t forget about vertical space. Wall shelves, hanging organisers and pegboards can help you keep your desk and floor clear while still giving you easy access to your supplies and tools. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you don’t overload your walls, too many items can become distracting.

Reduce clutter

Keeping your office tidy is essential for productivity and focus – and ensuring you have a spacious feel to your room. Get rid of anything you don’t need or use regularly and invest in organisational tools like desk trays and file holders to keep everything in its place. 

Pro Tip: A clutter-free workspace can help you feel calmer and more in control. Which in turn can boost your efficiency and motivation.

Personalise your space

Adding a few décor items, like plants, pictures or a favourite mug, can help you feel more comfortable and at ease in your workspace. If you don’t have too much space to work with, don’t leave out the décor. Look at purchasing hanging wall plants or simply adding one or two pictures to your wall. The aim is to avoid clutter at all costs while still ensuring aesthetics. 

Creating a home office that maximises your space is possible, even if you’re short on square footage. Renting a self storage unit with Wigwam can give you a clutter-free and spacious work environment. From storing stock to archiving documents, call us on 0800 2545585 to learn more about the business storage solutions we have for you.

Top 5 golf courses near Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove is a town in the county of Worcestershire, England known for its rich history and beautiful surroundings. Situated in the countryside means that it’s the perfect backdrop for a day out on the golf course. 

If you are looking for a place to play golf in the area, here are the top 5 golf courses near Bromsgrove:

Wychwood Park

This 18-hole golf course is located just a short drive from Bromsgrove. It is set on 220 acres of rolling countryside and features both a challenging and varied layout. Wychwood Park has received high praise for its well-maintained greens and fairways, as well as its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Leasowes Golf Club

This historic golf club was established in 1892 and is located just a few miles from Bromsgrove. The 18-hole course is set in the beautiful countryside and offers a challenging test of golf. Leasowes has a reputation for its excellent greens and well-kept fairways, making it a popular choice for golfers in the area.

Hagley Golf Club

Hagley Golf Club is also located just a few miles from Bromsgrove and is one of the oldest golf clubs in Worcestershire. The 18-hole course features rolling hills, well-manicured fairways and challenging greens. Hagley is known for its friendly atmosphere and is a popular choice for both experienced and beginner golfers.

Aston Wood Golf Club

This 18-hole golf course is located just a short drive from Bromsgrove and is set in the beautiful countryside. Aston Wood features a challenging layout that is well-suited to golfers of all abilities. The course has received high praise for its welcoming atmosphere and perfectly maintained greens and fairway.

Halesowen Golf Club

This historic golf club is an 18-hole course that was established in 1892. Located just a few miles from Bromsgrove this course is set in the beautiful countryside and has the greens to match it. Halesowen is a popular choice for golfers in the area for all the right reasons.

These are just a few of the top golf courses near Bromsgrove. Whether you are an experienced golfer or a beginner, you will find plenty of challenges and beautiful scenery in this area. So, grab your clubs and head out to one of these great golf courses to enjoy a round of golf in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside.

Keep your clubs safe, secure and out of the way until your next round! But how does one do this when living in a tiny apartment? Our Chipping Norton and Bromsgrove storage facilities have the solutions for you. We have small storage units ranging from 16 sq. ft to 35 sq. ft – the perfect sizes for golf bags and more! 

Call us today to learn more about the space we have for you or make use of our handy space calculator and get a price right now!

Home repairs you can do yourself

Home repairs come with owning a home. While some repairs can be quite costly and require the help of a professional, many are small that you can do yourself.  With a little knowledge and the right tools, you could avoid the hassle of calling a professional. Here are a few common home repairs you can tackle yourself:

Leaky taps

A leaky tap can waste a lot of water and drive up your water bill. To repair a leaky tap all you need to do is replace the washer or the O-ring. Whichever the problem, both are simple and inexpensive to replace.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room and is an easy DIY project. All you’ll need to do is gather some supplies like paint, brushes, rollers and drop cloths. From there, the process itself is pretty straightforward.

Clogged Drain

If you have a clogged drain, you can try using a plunger or a plumbing snake before calling a plumber. These tools are relatively inexpensive and can save you a lot of money in plumbing fees.

Loose doorknob

If a doorknob becomes loose, opening and closing a door can prove difficult. The good news is that it’s a simple repair that only requires you to tighten the screws that hold the doorknob in place.

Dripping toilet

A dripping toilet can be a frustrating problem, but it’s usually an easy fix. If your toilet is dripping, you can replace the flapper, the fill valve or the flushing valve, depending on what is causing the problem.

Wall repairs

If you have a small hole in your wall, you can either fill it in with spackling paste or simply paint over it. For larger holes, you may need to install a patch and then paint over it.

By taking on these simple home repairs yourself, you can save money and feel confident in your ability to keep your home in good condition. Of course, it’s always important to use caution and know your limits. However, if becoming a DIY mastermind is on the cards for you, consider letting Wigwam Self Storage help you out. With 24-hour access available upon request, you can fetch or drop off your materials and tools any time of the day. 

Avoid cluttering up your home with materials you may only need once or twice a month by  calling us now!

Tips for storing furniture in a storage unit

Storing furniture in a storage unit can be a great solution for temporarily freeing up space in your home or for protecting your belongings during a move. Here are some tips to help you store your furniture properly:

Clean and protect your furniture

Cleaning and protecting your furniture before storing it is an important step in ensuring its preservation. Dirt, dust and other particles may settle on your furniture during storage which may end up damaging the finish. 

Wrapping your furniture in plastic or covering it with furniture pads is an extra step that can be taken to protect your furniture from scratches, dents and moisture damage. 

By taking these steps, you can make sure that your furniture comes out of storage in the same condition as when you put it in.

Disassemble larger items

If you have larger pieces of furniture, such as a bed frame or a bookcase, it’s a good idea to disassemble them before storing them in the unit. This will not only help you save space but it will also prevent damage. 

Use pallets or plastic containers

Did you know that putting your furniture on pallets in storage can protect it from damage? In fact, it can also make it easier to clean and maintain while also saving space in your unit. 

This small step can have a big impact on the preservation of your belongings during storage.

Store heavy items on the bottom

When stacking items in your storage unit, be sure to place the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter items on top. This will help to prevent your furniture from becoming damaged or unstable during storage.

Leave some space around the furniture

When packing your storage unit be sure not to pack it too tightly. Leaving  space around your furniture allows air to circulate and prevents mould or mildew from growing. By following these tips, you can ensure that your furniture is not only stored properly but that it’s also protected while in storage. 

Investing in quality packaging plays a large role in keeping your furniture safe. Wigwam Chipping Norton supplies a large range of top-notch packing materials! Call us today  on 01608 656 300 to learn more about what we have to offer.

Get ready to meet the future of storage in Bromsgrove!

Wigwam Self Storage recently launched its first ever NoKe automated facility – a groundbreaking adaptation for self storage which has seen massive demand over recent months. Located just off Stoke Road and only 1.1 miles from the train station, this forward-looking solution is revolutionising storage convenience right here in our town!

This marks an exciting time as we continue adapting to changing times and taking innovative leaps into automation technology.

Here’s what you can expect

Our modern facility is bringing storage to the next level with our innovative technology, providing a safe and secure space for you to store your goods.

We offer features such as:

  • Bluetooth access control
  • Motion-tracking sensors 
  • Alarmed units
  • An electronic locking system that eliminates the need to buy padlocks
  • Convenient 24/7 availability upon request
  • 2-week minimum rental 
  • Man and van services

Located near local shops and trade stores and providing onsite trolleys and lift access, we have all your self storage needs covered. And don’t forget about our top-notch monitoring systems like CCTV surveillance and individually alarmed units!

Top-notch customer service:

Our staff are available for real-time customer support and online bookings whenever needed. We want to ensure all our customers feel secure in trusting us with their belongings by providing top-notch service anytime you require it.

What storage options do we have for you?

Whether you need personal, business, student or document storage, our Bromsgrove self storage facility is your solution.

Personal storage

We understand that life changes and sometimes the things we own end up owning us. We provide the space for you to think and move at your own pace – whatever life throws at you.

Business storage

We offer fully secure and flexible business storage units for merchandise, stock and archiving storage.

Student storage

When you’re going home at the end of term, keep your belongings safe with us  rather than lugging them back home with you.

Document storage

Store important documents with us. From sensitive files to employee records, we provide a safe, secure and convenient storage solution for your archive.

Ready to make a change in your lifestyle or business? 

Our Bromsgrove storage facility is here for you with automated and hassle-free storage solutions! Give us a call on 01527222321 today for a tour of our available units, plus get a free quote immediately afterward. Alternatively – you can request an online storage quote – making transitioning smooth sailing with zero stress involved! 

Five things to do on your first day in your new home.

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s a fresh start, a new beginning, and an opportunity to create new memories. However, it can also be stressful and confusing as you navigate unfamiliar surroundings and figure out how everything works. 

The good news is that with the right mindset and a few key steps, your first day in your new home can be the start of a happy and fulfilling journey. Here are five things to do on your first day in your new home to make that happen:

Unpack the essentials

Your first priority should be to get settled in your new space, so make sure you unpack the essentials first. This could be everything from bedding and clothing to toiletries and kitchen supplies.

Get to know your neighbourhood

Take a walk around your new neighbourhood to get a feel for the area. Check out local shops, parks and other landmarks. Be sure to take note of any places you may want to visit in the future.

Connect with your new community

Introduce yourself to your neighbours, join a local club or organisation or attend a community event. This will help you get to know your new community and make new friends.

Start organising your new home

Take some time to organise your new space and make it feel like home. This might include hanging pictures, setting up your furniture or even decorating the space.

Take care of practical tasks

Make sure you take care of any practical tasks that need to be done, like setting up utilities, registering with the local doctor and getting your mail redirected. These tasks may seem small, but they will help you get settled in and start feeling comfortable in your new home.

By taking care of these tasks on your first day, you’ll be well on your way to feeling at home in your new space, and if you need an extra hand Wigwam has the perfect solution for you! Check out our Man and Van service to learn more about how we can help relieve your load without breaking a sweat.