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Tips for living with dorm mates

Sharing your space with another, whether they are a long-time friend or a new one, can be difficult at times. However, the foundation of successful cohabitation is all about merging personalities, cultures, and upbringings to create a new way that works for everyone. 

If you’re having a little trouble adapting to a new way of living, try these tips for living with dorm mates. 

Set rules early on 

Everyone has their bad habits, whether it’s leaving wet towels on the floor or dishes in the sink. By establishing house ground rules early on and nipping bad habits in the bud, you can avoid conflict and have a much more pleasant living experience from the start. 

Get to know each other 

Your dorm mate is someone that you’ll be sharing a living space with for the next several months at least, so getting to know them should be a priority. Not only can it make living in tight quarters more bearable, but you may end up with a lifelong friend. 

Respect each other’s belongings 

Respecting your dorm mate’s belongings will go a long way in creating a positive living environment and is the easiest way to avoid unnecessary conflict. So next time you’re tempted to borrow their clothes, laptop or toothpaste, remember to ask first! 

Compromise where you can 

You can’t have it your way all the time. This may be a tough pill to swallow, especially if you’re a neat freak and your dorm mate definitely is not, but learning to compromise on minor issues is vital to building a healthy living environment. Learning to compromise can also help you build strong personal and professional relationships down the line. 

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