The new year is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to start 2023 than with a clean slate – literally! A deep clean of your home will help remove dirt and clutter that’s been building up over the past year (or years) while also ensuring you start the new year feeling refreshed and organised.

Here are a few tips to help get your home clean before 2023.

Start with the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house, so it’s important to ensure it’s clean and clutter-free. Declutter countertops and cupboards, donating or throwing away duplicates and items you no longer use. Then, wipe down cabinets, appliances and backsplashes before moving furniture around and mopping underneath them. 

Pro Tip: don’t forget to empty the fridge and pantry and throw away old food – leave items out until you clean the shelves.

Tackle the living room

Start by decluttering surfaces like coffee tables and bookshelves. Vacuum all furniture and the floors, dust light fixtures and ceiling fans, wash or dry clean any throw pillows or blankets and finally, clean the windows and doors for that extra shine.

Move on to the bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is another room that gets used a lot. Declutter countertops and surfaces and then wipe down mirrors, toilets, showers and tubs. Give the floors a good scrub, and don’t forget the windows. 

Pro Tip: empty the medicine cabinet and throw away old medicine. You may want to look around for empty shampoo bottles too.

The bedrooms

Make the beds with clean and fresh sheets and declutter all surfaces like nightstands and dressers. Donate old clothes you no longer wear but are still in good use. Vacuum furniture and floors, dust ceiling fans, and wash or dry clean any throw pillows or blankets you may have out for decoration – including stuffed animals!

A deep clean is a great way to start 2023! But if you’re worried about space as you declutter your home and you’re not yet ready to get rid of the items you’ve boxed up, give Wigwam a call on 0800 2545585. We have units ranging from 10 sq. ft to 300 sq. ft – more than enough room for all your belongings. Visit our Personal Storage options to learn more.

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