Are you looking for affordable and effective ways to add a little bit of personality to a room? An accent wall is a feature inside the home where the design of a wall is different from the other walls in the room.

The difference can be as subtle as a different shade of colour or as bold as a vastly different print. Accent walls are inexpensive and easy to do, giving you the option to choose any colour or design that tickles your fancy. Using your creative freedom, you can create a wall that reminds you of your favourite holiday or bring joy into your home with a pop of colour.

Here are a few ideas to get you started! 

Print and patterned wallpaper

One of the most important things to consider about a patterned accent wall is that the design complements both the room and the rest of your style choices. If you’re using a bolder print, then choose more subtle patterns in other parts of the room so they don’t compete or clash with one another.

Choose from geometric designs that add a contemporary feel to a creative pattern to showcase your personality. Maybe you even choose a floral print to lighten the mood!

Textured wallpaper

Textured wallpaper is a great way to add interest and personality to a room. There are many different textures to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to match your style.

Texture can also be used to create an illusion of depth or space in a room. Again, make sure that you choose a texture that complements the other design choices in your room and ensure it’s something you’ll enjoy looking at every day!

Bold colour

Bold colours can be used to create a focal point in the room or to brighten up a space. Paint one wall bright and keep it simple on the other walls of the room. It’s a good idea to choose a solid wall that doesn’t have interruptions.

Subtle shade

Choosing to paint your accent wall a gentle colour is an easy way to make a room feel as though you’ve styled it. If you want something that complements the rest of the room’s style but is still bold enough to stand out from any other wall in the room, then choosing a subtle shade of colour as an accent wall is perfect.

If you’re unsure how to get started, then we suggest painting your accent wall a colour that is two shades darker than what you currently have on your walls.

Wall panels

Wall panels are an effective way to add personality and interest to a room. These types of accent walls come in many different shapes, sizes and textures that will either complement or contrast the rest of your style choices. Wall panels are also great for adding depth or space where it might not have existed before.

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