Saying thank you is a custom often overlooked. We are so busy with our lives and work we sometimes forget to tell the people around us how much we appreciate them. This holiday season, show your appreciation for the people in your life with a unique gift!

From the world’s tiniest vacuum to the ultimate microwave popcorn bowl, keep reading for five gift ideas anyone would love to receive.

An instant bag hanger

If you’re looking for gifts for friends or family, consider an instant bag hanger – especially if they go out a lot. Whether they’re at a café, bar or in a bathroom stall, they’ll appreciate having a small keychain bag hook on hand.

A popcorn microwave bowl

Most people get frustrated waiting by the stove for kernels to pop, so you can’t go wrong with this gift. All one has to do is throw kernels into the bowl and place it in the microwave with the vented lid. A couple of minutes later, they’ll have perfectly popped popcorn!

A pocket vacuum

Whether it’s for family members who work from home or a friend who’s a stay-at-home mom, most people would geek out over tiny USB-rechargeable vacuum cleaners. From sucking up crumbs to removing pet hair from desks – consider a pocket vacuum if you’re looking for a practical gift.

A Bindle Bottle

For fitness fanatic recipients, consider this unique water bottle. It’s insulated to keep water cold and has a stash compartment in the bottom to store credit cards, car keys or other tiny necessities.

A purse organizer

This is the perfect gift for moms, especially those with a Mary Poppins handbag! Most come in different sizes with plenty of pockets, slots and a zippered pouch.

Your recipient will never lose another pen while standing in the queue at the bank.Running out of hiding places for gifts at home? Wigwam has space. Whether you’re looking to store gifts until just before Christmas or to store clutter long-term to make room for the new year, call us on 0800 2545585 or visit our Personal Storage options to learn more.

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