Creating a productive home office can be a challenge, especially if you’re used to working in a traditional office setting. However, with the right planning and organisation, you can design a home office that not only maximises your productivity but also helps you work more efficiently.  

Here are some simple yet effective tips for making your home office more productive:  

Dedicate an area for your home office 

Having a dedicated work area at home helps you create a sense of separation between work and home life. This can help you focus on work when you’re in your workspace, and allow you to relax and unwind when you’re outside of it. 

Maximise the amount of natural light in the room 

If you’re feeling tired and unproductive, it may have something to do with the lighting in your home office. While there are a number of ways to change this, maximising the amount of natural light in the room has to be at the top of the list. Exposure to natural light not only helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythms but also improves your mood.   

Invest in quality furniture 

Did you know that an ergonomic chair can help to improve your productivity and overall well-being while working from home? It does this by providing proper support for your body and improving your posture, both of which improve your circulation. If we were you, we’d run – not walk – to the nearest store! 

Keep your workspace clutter-free 

Having a cluttered workspace is very distracting. However, it’s more than that. The time that is wasted looking for documents or stationary amidst the chaos could be used more effectively to finish reports or meet deadlines. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that organising your space, and keeping it that way will increase your productivity, while decreasing your stress levels.  

Bring the outside indoors 

Incorporating plants into your home office design is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your productivity. They can boost your oxygen levels and bring a sense of calmness, while adding the perfect amount of colour and life to your space! 

Now that you’ve started reorganising your new home office, you’re probably looking for a place to store some of your old office equipment and supplies, or even documents ready to be archived. If this is the case, Wigwam Self Storage has got you covered.  

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