Anyone who has been married or is busy planning a wedding will tell you that nothing happens overnight. A lot of organising, ordering and stress goes into planning such a special celebration. One way to reduce this stress is to order things ahead of time. Here are a few ways that self storage can help. 

Makes organisation easy  

Self storage can be a fantastic tool for organisation when preparing for your wedding. It gives you a single and secure location to keep all your wedding-related items, allowing you to keep track of everything you need for your big day. 

Allows you to buy in bulk 

Buying in bulk is a great way to save both time and money. However, it can prove tricky if you don’t have space at home to store everything. A self storage unit will give you the extra space you need leading up to the wedding. 

Gives you a workstation  

DIY projects are a great way to save costs when planning a wedding. However, if you don’t want your entire home covered in crafts and glue, rent a storage unit – it may be your best option! Not only will you have space to set up tables and have a workstation, but you’ll also be able to store your projects in your unit when they’re complete.  

Provides a safe and secure location  

Your wedding is such an important day! This is why we understand that you want to know you’re storing your items in a safe and secure location. Not only will a self storage unit provide safety from the elements, but its CCTV security system will also prove handy. 

A place to store wedding gifts   

Using a storage unit for wedding gifts is a practical solution for newlyweds jetting off on their honeymoon straight after the wedding. You’ll be able to enjoy your time away knowing that your gifts will be waiting for you when you get home – while also not getting in the way of your house sitter!  

The size of a wedding comes down to personal preference. However, no matter the size of your wedding, Wigwam has perfect storage solutions for you. With over 13 different storage unit sizes to choose from, we’ve ensured that there’s something (and space) for everyone!  

Contact us today, or visit our personal storage options to learn more. 

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