About Us


Self storage for home & business use


We’re on a mission to build the best self storage facility available, based upon state of the art technology coupled with our excellent customer service and our market leading online platform. We understand that life changes and sometimes the things we own in life end up owning us. So, we provide the space to think and move at your own pace – whatever life throws at you.


People use Wigwam when they need some space in their lives and businesses – often when big things are happening. This includes moving or improving your home or premises, getting married or separating, mergers and acquisitions, starting a family or business, dealing with inheritance or simply using us as a spare room when you run out of space.


At Wigwam we’re more than just another business. We recognise the importance of supporting local community projects and charities through fundraising and donating free storage space. We also know the most important space of all is the environment that surrounds us and that is why we’re working hard to create an environmentally sustainable business.

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