Moving on a budget – 5 tips to moving house cheaply

Planning a move can be stressful, with lots of administrative tasks to consider and unexpected expenses cropping up. A little bit of preparation can go a long way in reducing costs and helping you move on a budget.  

As experts in self storage and moving home, we’ve put together five effective tips to move home cheaply. 

Declutter, donate and sell 

Decluttering unused items can help you save a lot of money by trimming down your moving load. Choose to donate unused, bulky items that are in good condition, or sell your belongings to gain a little bit of extra cash. 

Protect your belongings 

Invest in quality packaging materials and sturdy boxes to protect your belongings during the move. Using cheap boxes and failing to wrap your fragile items can lead to broken belongings, meaning that you’ll have to buy more at a later stage.  

Compare the costs of professional movers 

If you’re moving to another city or you have a large household to relocate, then you may need the help of professional movers. Whether you only need van rental or the services of a man with a van, it’s important to compare costs and find the most affordable provider. 

Get the family involved 

Packing up a home can be a time-consuming job, but you can save a lot of time (and money) by getting the whole family involved. Ask the kids to separate their toys, borrow a friend’s truck and use the packing time to bond with a sibling.  

Schedule a cheaper moving date 

The cost of moving can change depending on the day that you choose, so check your calendar before scheduling the move. For example, Sunday is the cheapest day to move when living in the UK. 

Take your time and assess the situation 

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and you may find that your move is delayed along the way. Take the time to prepare a backup plan in case the sale of your home is delayed or your new home isn’t ready for you. For example, have a self storage unit on standby in case you need to temporarily store household belongings. 

At Wigwam, we offer various solutions to help you move on a budget. From quality packaging materials to van hire and personal storage solutions, we’ve got you covered! If you need help with your next move, then give us a call at 01608 656 300! You can also get a quote online and our friendly team will get in touch. 

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