Buying an old house? Keep an eye out for these residential red flags 

Old homes are charming and idyllic, flaunting the potential to create many new memories inside the ageing walls. While the beauty of an old home may encourage you to sign on the dotted line, there are a few residential red flags to consider. 

If you want to make the most of your money, then add the following items to your inspection list and don’t be shy to ask questions. 

Previous renovations 

An older home will have experienced many lifetimes before you move in. While renovations can improve the value of a home, they can also make it difficult to pinpoint all of the changes and various contractors that have been involved. While most contractors will put their best foot forward, others may have cut corners. 

HVAC water heater system 

Technology and innovation have improved, meaning that newer homes have more advanced heating and plumbing systems. Older homes have aged systems that may need replacing. The hot water heater and HVAC system, in particular, should be looked at closely. 

Poor insulation 

Older homes tend to have poor insulation which can make them very uncomfortable during the colder months. Poor insulation can also lead to high electric bills and a chilly atmosphere throughout winter. 


Outdated wiring in older homes can present a fire risk. In most instances, outdated wiring won’t be mentioned during an inspection unless the wiring is faulty or presents an obvious risk. Make sure to ask about the writing system and the cost to replace it if needed. 

Lead paint 

Some older homes have been painted with lead paint, which presents a major health hazard for those living inside. For many, lead paint is a deal-breaker and you may need to strip the walls and repaint before you move in. 

Once you’ve cross-referenced all potential issues, you can start to plan the move. If you need extra help to move your household belongings or a place to temporarily store your items, we’re here to help.  At Wigwam, we offer safe and secure self storage units in Oxfordshire, with a range of unit sizes to best meet your needs. Our affordable storage solutions are clean and secure, available with a flexible lease agreement.  

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